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Home security necessities to incorporate as a first time home buyer: things you probably didn’t consider

Home security necessities to incorporate as a first time home buyer: things you probably didn’t consider

You’ve recently gotten married, and the studio apartment worked well for you as a bachelor, but you are now looking for something that is a little better suited to you and your spouse. House hunting is more than just finding your dream home. It’s about finding a home that provides both comfort and security. Comfort is per your personal choice, but an area often overlooked is the security aspect. If you are buying into an area that is generally known to be peaceful, apart from a few teenagers who get a little out of hand sometimes, small measures can be taken to ensure that your property is a bit safer.


The area seems fine, but the neighbors have burglar bars

When you go to view a property, bear in mind that all the elements are arranged to ensure that there is a sale. Have a look at the neighboring properties; do they have six foot walls and burglar bars? Statistics have shown that you don’t necessarily have to have the best security systems on the market to deter would-be burglars; it just needs to be better than your neighbors. If your property doesn’t have any burglar bars, but your neighbors do, it’s time to fit some.


The trees are part of the charm

Trees create a beautiful ambiance in any garden, and if you are surrounded with them, it may create a security problem. Instead of chopping the trees down, there are some clever products that can be added to the trees to prevent them from being climbed. Something that also needs to be considered where a lot of trees are grouped together, is to ensure that there is sufficient lighting.


We don’t have a fence

A very easy way to curb this problem, apart from installing a fence, is by installing spotlights. Once a person comes within range of the property, the spotlight will trigger and hopefully deter them from any further action.


Locks and bolts

A very simple and inexpensive way to add a little bit of security to your property, is by adding locks to your windows. We have all see the scary film where the perpetrator enters the home through one of the windows. If you live in a multiple story home, or have a basement that is accessible through a trapdoor, it is vital that you check the accessibility through here as well. Access through a second story window is becoming more and more popular, as for some reason these windows or balcony doors are not secured as much as the first level.


Alarm upgrades   

Nowadays, most houses come with an alarm system already installed. Something to take into consideration though, is that there are some really nice add on items that can make the world of difference to your home security, for instance, it does not necessarily have to only be the basic motion sensor system that’s installed. These companies usually offer a variety of gadgets that enhance the use of your alarm system.

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