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Burglar proofing your doors in Baltimore home security

Burglar proofing your doors in Baltimore home security

Doors play an in important role in enhancing safety in the country and in Baltimore home security. A strong door that is kept locked will make it difficult for a burglar to get in considering that most intruders get into the house using the back and front doors. Below are some suggestions that you can use to make your doors burglarproof.

Use strong doors

Exterior doors should be made from strong materials such as solid wood, metal or fiberglass. Doors made of cardboard core and veneer sheets are hollow and are not suitable as exterior doors because they can be easily broken into. A door should swing outwards and not inwards in order to maneuver it easily in case of a forced entry. Ensure the doors do not have windows. Also, make sure that the window is not near the door to avoid a burglar breaking the window and unlocking the door from inside. In case the door has glass panels, or it is near a window, you can cover the glass using security grill on the outer side or an unbreakable polycarbonate on the inner side behind the glass.

Use good locks and keep the doors locked

Most burglaries take place on unlocked doors or on doors with easily picked locks. Make sure you lock all external doors every time you are going out and get good quality locks to improve your Baltimore home security. Use deadbolt locks on all external doors in addition to the doorknob lock. Make sure it is of high quality at grade one or two and does not have exterior exposed screws. The throw bolt should be of 1 inch in the least. You may include a deadlock to provide more security when at home. This kind of lock has no external key and it can only be opened from inside. The lock is not easily broken into. For sliding doors, use locks that have keys at both the bottom and top. You can also place a wooden rod at the bottom part to prevent it from opening. Use polycarbonate panels to reinforce glass on the inside to make it stronger.

Have reinforced entryways

Reinforcing the entryways will make it difficult for the burglars to get in. You can do this by having cylinder guards around lock cylinders where the key is inserted. This is because lock cylinders can be damaged by prying, hammering and wrenching. If the strike plate- the metal plate surrounding the doorframe hole- is of lower quality, you should replace it with a strike plate made of heavy duty material with four screws of 3 inches securing it. If the hinges are on the outer side of the door, you should hang the door again and place them on the inside or make the exposed hinges secure by using non-removable pins or masonry nails. Ensure the door frame is properly installed, if not, you can secure it using 3 inch screws to make sure that it does not come out easily.

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