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A home in the mountains: security aspects that need to be considered before you buy across town or border

A home in the mountains: security aspects that need to be considered before you buy across town or border

The moment we think security, we immediately think of safeguarding our possessions against would-be criminals. This is an important aspect, but something that also needs to be taken into consideration when you decide to buy a property, especially in a remote location, is whether it is safe to do so. We would expect that all laws apply in all countries and places, but what would be a condemned building in one country, could just be the standard of living in another.


A house on the lake

Apart from ensuring that the water itself holds no threat to you or your family the in way of crocodiles or alligators, the last thing you want is for your dream home to be flooded during the rainy season. Landslides and the actual permanent increase in the water level are also security risks that need to be considered. Should the house be on stilts and relies on anchoring in the lake bed, these need to be maintained on a regular basis to ensure you don’t wake up afloat.


Cosy cabin in the woods

From a nature point of view, the risk of forest fires and trees falling are a real threat. By ensuring that your cabin is treated and reinforced, the risk of loss is dramatically reduced. You also need to consider those who have made the woods their home. By ensuring that there are no swing doors, and that the windows are either screened or latched, you reduce the risk of unwelcome guests in your cosy cabin. If you have access to utilities, having access to a back-up generator is not a bad idea.


Buying property in a foreign land

You were romanced by the idea of owning your own property in a different country. You have found the property of your dreams and now want to start building or restoring. Before even purchasing in a foreign country, make sure that you understand the policies that govern their builder trade. You may be able to build for a lot less than what you’re used to, but it could also mean that the standard is not quite as good as you would want it to be. Also ensure that you are purchasing land where the soil is of such a quality that it can be built on. Spending endless amounts of money to build on a swamp is just not feasible. Once the basics have been sorted, doing research on the country, the area and the neighborhood is just as important. You wouldn’t want all that you’ve built or restored, to be claimed by rebels in the area, or have your tenants terrorised by local gangs and violence. If this is to be a holiday home, actually spending time in the area before purchasing the property is of the utmost importance. The security of the structure, the area and safety of your family are of the utmost importance when making a decision such as this.

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