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What are some of the most common Cleaning Products

What are some of the most common Cleaning Products

It can be quite a task cleaning a home. The hardest part is trying to figure out which cleaners go with what job. To help with sort all of those kinks out, here are a few cleaners that are sure to be helpful in your home:

Window Cleaner

The title speaks for itself. Window cleaners are mostly used to clean glass, though some people use it for other purposes in the homes including cleaning mirrors. This cleaner is designed to cut oil stains left from fingerprints and food. Try a little windex on that streak of grease left behind on a glass table. and if you want an organic approach a little white vinegar and warm water is both cheap and easy.


This is another cleaner with an obvious title. Degreasers are created to cut through grease stains, and are mostly used when cleaning a kitchen. Dregreaser are used on stoves, countertops, ovens, microwaves and more. Some example of degreasers include Fabuloso, Grease Lighting, and Mean Green.

Tile and Bathroom Cleaner

Tile and bathroom cleaners are used for cleaning tough grime and water stains off of tiles in a bathroom. Theses cleaners get rid of water stains, rust (only in certain bathroom cleaners), and even that nasty film that stays behind after you've taken a bath. Products like Tilex, Scrubbing Bubbles, and Clorox Bathroom Cleaners are good examples of what you can use when cleaning your bathroom.

Abrasive Cleanser

Chemical-based cleaners usually get the job done, but there are those times when only using a chemical-based cleaners doesn't work. This is where you could implement an abrasive cleaner to get the toughest of stains off. Abrasive cleaners work like sandpaper, cutting through grease and other stains, using small abrasive particles. These cleaners are designed to add extra power to the chemical-based cleaner you are already using. You can use abrasive cleaners like CLR for the bathrooms and showers, and Comet for other everyday household cleaning. Also, abrasive scrubbers and sponges serve the same purpose of scrubbing through tough grease and grime.

Specialty Cleaners for Special Jobs

There are cleaning tasks that require a certain type of cleaner in order to successfully get the job done. For example, you wouldn't use a regular cleaner to remove gum or rust stains. No, you'd use a gum remover or a rust remover in order to complete the task. If you have serious rust stains in your metal, I suggest Metal Rescue from Home Depot. If you need a gum remover, you can use Goo Gone or Betco Gum Remover.

Save Money on Cleaning Products

You can clean your home without having to break the bank using these simple tips:

Match the product to the job. Simply put, if you're cleaning a bathroom, use a bathroom cleaner. If you are cleaning an oven or stove, a degreaser would be the best fit. Only use cleaners as it pertains to the job you are doing.

Use just enough and no more. Don't overuse your cleaning products, especially if you think it'll do a better job of getting rid of stains. Plus, certain cleaners have strong fumes that may be harmful to others around you. 

Opt for half-measures. Cut back on the amount of cleaner you actually use. You don't have to use a lot of cleaner just to get one job done.

Can the caps. I often make the mistake of using the caps to measure how much actually need to use. Sometimes, that doesn't always work. You end up using more than you're actually supposed to use, and you don't even know it. Toss the caps. Use a more accurate measuring utensil, like a measuring cup, so that you don't end up using more than you have to. 

Buy in bulk. The best way to save money is to buy in bulk. Simple as that!

Ditch the disposables. Buy items you can reuse or recycle. Instead of wipes, use washable cleaning cloths. Mopping? Use a steam mop with washable terri cloths. Instead of buying disposable toilet bowl cleaners, buy a heavy duty toilet brush

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