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Tips for Making Planned Homekeeping Lists

Tips for Making Planned Homekeeping Lists

One thing that every interior decorator, interior designer, and home specialist will agree on is that a homeowner needs to have planned homekeeping lists to help them manage all of the things they need to do around their place. The list does not need to include the simple items of homekeeping like sweeping, or changing linens, these lists cover the crucial things that often get forgotten because they are done so infrequently.

You should break homekeeping lists up into groups. Exterior projects and interior projects are the two basic list divisions.

Exterior projects to include

• Cleaning of gutters in spring and fall so that rain water will drain off of the house in the proper place

• Raking the leaves in the fall and placing mulch around the roots of young trees and plants

• Trimming roses and shrubs in February to keep them looking healthy

• Pressure washing decks, sidewalks, and patios, and siding

• Cleaning patio furniture in spring to remove any mildew that may develop before you begin to use the pieces

• Storing patio furniture in the winter so it will stay dry and have less mildew growth

• Weeding flower beds to maintain a healthy look

• Wrapping pipes for cold weather to prevent them from freezing and bursting

• Checking faucets for leaks to prevent erosion and high water bills

• Painting shutters and trim when needed to prevent water damage

• Applying water sealant to decks and unpainted wooden surfaces to protect them from the elements

• Organizing the garage and storage buildings so that items are easy to find and to make sure that no flammable materials are placed in close proximity to water heaters or sources of open flames

Interior projects to include

• Changing the filter on the heating and air conditioning system twice a year so the system works more efficiently

• Keeping the filters of the heating and air conditioning system clean. Window units often have filters that are designed to be taken off, washed, and replaced. This cleaning should be done once a month

• Steam cleaning carpets and upholstery at least twice a year. This can be done as needed or scheduled for the spring and fall of the year.

• Window washing to keep the glass clear and attractive

• Waxing hardwood floors to protect them from normal wear and tear and to make them look nicer

• Cleaning the baseboards, ceiling fans, and hard to reach places like the tops of cabinets to eliminate grease and grime that collect on them

• Changing the batteries in smoke detectors when you turn your clocks forward, or backward in the spring and fall

• Checking the fire extinguishers to make sure they are ready to use. This should be done once a year.

• Checking doors and windows for air leaks in the spring and fall to eliminate escaping air

• Checking thermostats to make sure they are functioning properly

• Cleaning the exhaust systems over the stove to help keep it clean and prevent fires in the home

• Inspecting the attic area for signs of leaks so a small problem does not become a major one

• Exterminating to prevent pest infestation at least twice a year.

Homekeeping includes a lot of jobs that are performed only once a year so making a list will help you to remember to do these jobs.

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