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Tips for Ensuring a Long Life span for Wood Furniture

Tips for Ensuring a Long Life span for Wood Furniture

If you have wood furniture in your home, you must be ready to maintain it, so that it serves you and if possible be in a perfect condition to be passed to your heirs. Wood furniture maintenance does not require expertise. A few care tips, can make your furniture carry the same glow, it had when you bought it, over the years.  Sometimes, all you need some soapy water, a little dusting and applying a new coat of finish. Here are some tips to help you in caring for wood furniture.

For sets with finishes, use warm soapy water to clean their surfaces. Cleaning the furniture with water will not destroy it but sure not to soak it.  Those areas, which are hard to get an old toothbrush, will do just fine.   Then, use soft clothes or paper towels to collect the dirt. Ensure also to dry off the furniture piece completely. By doing this, your sets will remain lustrous for long.

After you have cleaned the finish, protect it by using soft paste wax. Use it as the label instructions on container. Once you have applied, wait about five minutes and rub off with soft cloth or brush. Again, wait for other 30-60 minutes and brush with more vigorously. The result will be a shinier surface that will last for a long while.  If you want your mahogany or peak furniture to endure a couple of years, keep them away from the sun as much as possible.  Especially during summer, sun that comes through the windows can reach above 140 degrees.  This will definitely destroy great finishes gradually and with time, the beauty of the furniture eventually fades.  In some woods, direct sunlight cause cracks on their surfaces.

If you're heating unit in your home avoid placing your furniture, sets near them.  Usually, dry heat causes the wood to shrink and form cracks. Preferably, do use a humidifier to bring the humidity level to the 40 to 45 percent.  Where your furniture features a few scratches and chips, you can use a similar new varnish or shoe polish, to cover up the dents. In wooden sets that have metallic hardware, take it off before polishing it. While at it, note all the hardware pieces and where you removed each of them.  To give it a lasting shine, use quality metal polish.  After you have completed, place the hardware back, ensuring that you do not scratch the furniture.

Clean the rings formed by your coffee mug, with a mild abrasive. This can be non-gel toothpaste mixed with bi-carbonate soda or cooking oil mixed with ashes. If it just a small spot, rub it off with your fingers but for expansive areas, use a soft cloth. Wood furniture cannot be nourished with oils or polishes. However, with a protective finish, you will only need to give a little maintenance. Your furniture is your investment, hence, take care of it and in return, it will give you many years of service.

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