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Tips and Advice on Exterior Homekeeping

Tips and Advice on Exterior Homekeeping

Interior homekeeping is basically things that keep the inside of the home looking tidy. This interior work often includes, dusting, mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming, or painting, and interior design projects. What about exterior homekeeping?

The exterior homekeeping projects often include cleaning the yard, mowing the grass, raking the leaves, and planting flowers in flower beds. There are other projects that fall into the exterior up-keeping category. Some of the things that every homeowner must do to maintain the exterior of their residence so that it looks good, and lasts longer are:

1. Clean the gutters and downspouts

Gutters are designed to capture rain water and take it to s designated area before it runs off of the house roof. Gutters keep rain water from pouring over your head when you try to enter the home, and they prevent the erosion of the soil around the house. Gutters can fill with leaves and debris. When this happens the rain water cannot move through the channel and then problems begin. Keep the gutters clean and you will prevent major problems later on.

2. Keep shutters and trim painted

Window shutters and the trim around the roof of a house are generally fashioned from wood. Wood cannot handle weather unless it is treated or it is given a protective layer of paint, varnish, or a water proof coating. If you notice that the paint on any of these wooden surfaces is starting to crack you need to scrape the old paint off and apply new paint as soon as possible. When the wood beneath the painted surface is allowed to get wet, it will start to rot away and you will be left with expensive home repairs.

3. Check outside water faucets for leaks & keep them protected

One sure way to run up a water bill is to let an outside faucet have a small leak. That small leak may not seem like much to you, but over time it can erode the soil around the foundation of the house, it can create a habitat for mold and mildew to grow, and it can cause your water bill to creep up. With the changing of the seasons, or about once every three months, you should check all exterior faucets to make sure they work properly and that they do not leak. Be sure that you buy faucet protectors to keep them safe from the effects of the cold winters and the hot summers that can cause rubber gaskets to deteriorate and allow the faucet to leak.

4. Keep weeds pulled from flower beds

Planting flowers around a home can increase the curbside appeal of the property, but letting those flower beds become overrun with weeds can quickly decrease the curbside appeal and make the home look ill kept.

Exterior chores like sweeping sidewalks, mowing, trimming limbs, and washing windows, may very well save you a lot of money in the years to come by preventing problems with your house.

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