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Seven Tips for Tiling the Bathroom Perfectly

Seven Tips for Tiling the Bathroom Perfectly

Floor tiling is one of the most important homekeeping projects. It can ensure better times in future, especially because tiles are easy to clean. It may cost a price, but you will get more than enough value for the same in future and for a long time to come. Did you also know that tiling increases the value of the home, just in case you need to sell it ... 

In most contemporary and modern homes, bathroom tiles have made such a tremendous presence. It is important for an interior designer to consider a few factors before choosing bathroom tiles for your client. For starters, the color of the tiles should complement the existing wall color. Tile layout is fundamental if you are renovating a bathroom and with a few tips, you can transform an otherwise plain looking bathroom into a magnificent one. 

1. Symmetrical Layout

If you intend to create a symmetrical layout in your client’s bathroom, use the center outward principle to tile the floor or walls. 

2. Avoid tiling the bathroom from one Side

Note that starting to tile the bathroom from one extreme end might turn out to be chaotic. This is because there is a high chance that you might end up with an awkwardly tiled floor. You do not want to create an eyesore, right?

3. Maintain uniformity

Use the same color of paint when painting the tile edge and the bathroom wall. Tile edges can be tricky and you should use a tile backer board to create a clean edge. 

4. Mind the gap

Gaps between the tiles can be hideous and they can leave your customer feeling dissatisfied with your service. Use slim pieces of tile to block the gaps. While gaps do not get in the way of functionality, some homeowners do mind them. 

5. Invest in quality caulk

Most interior designers make the mistake of improvising grout. This can create such a clumsy mess, especially if you are trying to merge the tile and laminate countertop.

6. Do not settle for less

Low quality tiles can sometimes mess up your workmanship. It is important to advise your client to invest in the best quality. 

7. Pay attention to detail

There is no better way to perfection than having an eye on detail. Pay attention to the details, especially in the corners. 

How to tile the bathroom

Whether you are tiling the bathroom for the first time or are replacing old tiles, there are fundamental principles and procedures that you should follow in order to create a perfect bathroom for your client. Here are the seven most effective ways of tiling a bathroom:

• Prepare the walls and floors

Before you tile a bathroom, ensure that you clean the surfaces thoroughly and allow them to dry. The surfaces should not be bumpy and any wallpaper and shipping paint should be removed with a stabilizing primer. 

• Outline the tiles

Set out the tiles according to the shape and the size of your client’s bathroom. Start by identifying the lowest level of tiles and align the mark. Ensure that the mark is perfectly horizontal by using the spirit level. 

• Use adhesive

With the aid of a toothed edge, create horizontal ridges in the adhesive. Waterproof tile adhesive is ideal for the floor and ensure that it covers at least 1 meter square. Take the tiles and place them in the right square. Create enough grouting space using plastic spacers. Use a damp sponge to wipe off any off the tile surface. Ensure that the tiles sit put along the batten until you are done with the first rows. Ensure that each tile sits perfectly and in a horizontal manner. 

Tiling the bathroom requires utmost keenness. There is no room for mistakes as a slight mistake could mess up the entire bathroom.

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