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How to take good care of your sheets

How to take good care of your sheets

Most people have of course encountered those disgusting pictures of mites and the idea of them residing in your bed is something that you might really not want to come into terms with. These creatures are tiny microscopic and are attracted to the sheets as they feed on the dead skin that we leave after sleeping. These creatures are certainly able to motivate any person to consider washing their sheets for a couple of times in a week as you would certainly not want to share your bed with them.

Making the mistake of not washing your bed sheet can be very expensive and it is one that you will certainly not want to make. For instance, this can lead to quick wearing and tearing of sheet sets and considering the high prices that they are usually sold at, you can be sure that this is something that you will want to protect at all costs.
The anxiety that is brought about by these dust mites is what motivates most homeowners to consider washing their bed sheets in some hot water when undertaking their usual house keeping tasks. But according to experts, it is not such a good idea to wash your bed linens in some hot water. Nowadays, most manufacturers of bedding usually recommend that the stuff can be washed either in cold or warm water.

For those bed linens that are made from bamboo rayon which are in fact very popular nowadays, these ones should be washed directly in cold water. Considering this, it goes without saying that it is of paramount importance that you read the instructions available on the label very well so that you don’t make some costly mistakes in the course of wanting to clean your sheets.

Nowadays, bed sheets are available in a wide range of patterns and colors and as such, it is important that you know well how the bed sheet you have should be cleaned. You might even be surprised to know that some manufacturers also give recommendations on the type of laundry detergent to be used and it is important that you abide by this well.
If you use too much laundry detergent when washing your bed sheets, this can have some challenges when it comes to rinsing your clothes. Also, it is advisable that you avoid washing your bed sheets with some rough fabrics such as towels. This is because the looser and rougher fibers tend to break down eventually leading to the piling off of your bed sheets.

There are also some people who use brighteners and bleaches in the course of washing their bed sheets without knowing that this isn’t a good idea. What these brighteners and bleach does is that they break the fabric down and might end up compromising your bed sheets and reducing their life. Considering the amount of money that you paid for your bed sheets, the last thing that you really want is quickly breaking down the fibers. Finally, when it comes to drying your sheets, this should be done on medium heat if you want to achieve great results.

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