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How to Remove Various Stains from your Carpet-DIY Project

How to Remove Various Stains from your Carpet-DIY Project

At one time or the other, a stain of a particular nature is bound to land on your carpet.  It might be your kid’s pen ink, drop of blood, pet waste or splatters from an overflowing soup bowl. When this happens, you might feel as if, you have lost the carpet all together. Nevertheless, do not worry; most stubborn carpet stains are removable with simple DIY ways.
Water-soluble stains such as from alcohol, ice cream, ink, jelly, paint, gravy and milk, are easier to remove. Ensure not use bleach, because it will erode other color patches on the carpet. Instead, use a quarter teaspoon of vinegar or any other cleaning product without bleaching chemicals and 32 ounces.

In addition, there is a category of water-soluble carpet stains, which are difficult to remove. These include chocolate, blood, coffee, mustard, tea, wine and even vomit. All the aforementioned stains will bulge into  one tablespoon of ammonia mixed with a cup of water.  Do not use this mixture on wool or carpets with woolen details. For such carpets use just water and mild detergent. Use one part of chlorine and 5 parts of water, on carpets made of polypropylene. On the other hand, there are fat, oil and wax stains. If you are not careful, they might destroy the appearance of the carpet. They arise from food or cosmetics spills. The best way to remove these stains is by placing a paper towel on the stain, before ironing the surface. The paper takes up the blot, leaving your carpet clean.

Glue stains on the carpet in your home office or the children room, can damage the appeal of the room.  Once glue melts into the carpet, it becomes hard to remove it. However, do not kiss your carpet good bye yet. Simply wet a cotton ball with alcohol, until all of the stain has varnished. Children love gum and you will be fortunate, if at one particular time, they do not plaster your living room carpet with it. If this occurs, do not bring havoc, after all the children are merely acting their age. Use ice to dry the gum, after which you should use a hard object to scrape it off. Use also a paper towel, to blot the area where there was the stain. If nail polish spills on your carpet, do not panic. All you require is dipping a piece of cloth in nail polish remover that contains acetone and rubs it on the stained surface. Within no time, the stain will have gone. Do note that some strong nail polish removers can remove the colors from the carpet.

Lastly, urine stain is common in homes that have pets. If your dog or cat decides to ease itself on the carpet, use a towel to absorb the liquid. Then, using a damp cloth, blot the area. Follow this with a mixture of vinegar and water. Afterwards, use a non-bleach detergent to clean the carpet completely. Rinse and blot to dry. Understanding how to remove various carpet stains can help you to keep your carpet looking good at all times.  With the above methods of stain removal, you can save yourself the panic that comes when something spills over your carpet.

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