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How to Keep an Organized Closet

How to Keep an Organized Closet

If you find clothing in your closet, which you do not know you had, or you can hardly see the floor of the closet, it is time you organized it.  You may wonder how since it looks overwhelmed by the clothes, there in. Learning how to arrange the closet, may help a great deal in bringing sanity in your room.  Even a disorganized walk-in closet, will appear cheap and awful. Hence, there is a need to keep the closet tidy. Besides making your dressing session easier and fun, it also enhances the interior d├ęcor of the room.

Begin with removing everything out of the closet.  Take the shoes, clothes, luggage and any other thing, which has found its way in the closet. This will give you a clean slate to use while organizing your personal belongings. In addition, it will be a perfect time to do a general cleaning on the shelves or the drawers.  If possible, vacuum and dry it.

After you are done, cleaning the closet, sort the things, you would want to remain and discard anything else, you think is unnecessary.  To ease your organization exercise, keep them in piles. For instance, have a pile of business clothes, another one for casual wear and the last one for items you do not need to keep. Here you have to make hard decisions, divide the last pile in clothing you should trash and some for donation.

People have a tendency of keeping things they hardly use. Hence, do not feel awkward, if it pains to throw away clothes that do not fit or something that you have not worn for a long while. Nevertheless, remember that you need the closet space. Therefore, some items have to go. Where you are adamant about keeping a certain thing, keep it in a box and place it in the attic. Other things, which should not return in the closet include, luggage, winter coats and workout equipment among others.

Now you can organize the closet. In some instances, you will need to fetch some storage solutions. Most home improvement stores will have these options, in different types, sizes and styles. Get a hanging shoe rack, which can fit at the back of the closet door, to keep your shoes. You can also add shelving to the closet to increase space.

After you have adequate storage space, put everything back in. However, do it in an organized manner. Keep out-of-season clothes away. For instance, you can gather them in one storage bin and place them on top of the closet. Then, hang the other clothes in the order of how often you wear them. While at it, hang clothes of the same kind in one partition.

If you follow the above steps, you will always have an organized closet. Another trick, place everything back to its place, after doing laundry.  Lastly, as the years go by, form a habit of getting rid of clothing, you do not require or which, does not fit.

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