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How to Keep a Small Bathroom Organized

How to Keep a Small Bathroom Organized

Small bathrooms demand great creativity when it comes to organizing the space. Items such as toiletries, towels, shampoo and other related things must stay in the bathroom. Hence, the only way to make this space neat and welcoming is by using efficient organizers to keep the items in order. When organizing the bathroom, consider the ease of accessibility to the items and how the organizers (cabinets, racks and such) will affect the overall look of the setting.

Ideas for managing a small bathroom

Remove clutter

The first thing to do before organizing a bathroom is to remove the clutter. Everything that is not useful should be discarded. For instance, there is a tendency of people piling up used cosmetic bottles. Such things will not make a small bathroom look confusing and unappealing.


The furniture selected for a small bathroom should be in proportion with the available space. It should also leave some allowance for other elements of bathroom design. Preferably, use cabinets and shelves with many partitions. The cabinets can be mounted on the wall to free some floor space for other things and for easier movement.

Use walls

The walls of the bathroom can hold anything from the cabinets to the wall hooks. Towels and brushes can be hoisted using hooks. These are found in the market in various shapes and styles. However, do not overload any hook or everything could come crashing down. 

Other spaces

Extra spaces under the sink, bathtub, near the mirror and over the window can be used to keep small items in a small bathroom. By using organizing accessories such as baskets and racks, you can make the most of the space. For example, a handicraft basket can hold the hair products, while giving the space a very attractive look. To ensure easy accessibility, keep similar items in one basket.

Utilize the doors

The main door and the cabinet doors can be used to organize items in a small bathroom. You can use hooks and mountable-item holders to keep extra towels, bathroom supplies, to hang robes and even clothes if need be.

Use of shelves over the toilet

The space beyond the toilet is never given much attention when interior designers are evaluating organizing ideas for small bathroom. This area can fit a number of shelves vertically, which can act as additional storage. The extra shelving can be an asset to homes where all the family members share the bathroom. 

Making the most of the small bathroom vanities

Usually, bathroom vanities come with standard compartments. You can use organizers to utilize the space optimally. Use baskets and storage bins of various sizes for storing different bathroom supplies. Rectangular shaped baskets are good options for organizing the cabinet since their shapes facilitate easier management.

Maintaining a small bathroom can be a daunting venture. If you are able to employ the above ideas, the bathroom will look awesome and feel spacious. Use walls, the back of the doors and other spaces for additional storage. Most importantly, free as much floor space as possible.

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