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How to Apply Bold Paints for the Kitchen

How to Apply Bold Paints for the Kitchen

Most people spend a lot time in the kitchen. A good color can make the moment even more enjoyable. It also enhances the décor of the room. Bold colors are suitable for the kitchen. Shades of red and orange add character and energy to any home decor. Nevertheless, not all bold paints will work for a particular kitchen. You will need to consider a few things before settling on a certain paint including the size of the area to be painted, décor, furniture and any other thing. 

Tips for decorating kitchens with bold colors

Decorating with bold paints, does not mean you do a complete remodel. You can paint the walls, while letting the cabinets remain as they are. In addition, displaying colorful appliances on the countertops can make all the difference. 

Here are things you can do to create the best effect with bold paints:

1. In small rooms, one bold color will be adequate for the walls. Multiple bold shades will only make the space feel and look smaller.

2. For larger rooms, where there are a couple of kitchen appliances, you can work with several colors as long as they can tie-in.

3. Evaluate the kitchen you are decorating and see where best the bold paint will fit. In some cases, you only need to paint the walls and blend it with the appliances and cabinets. 

4. Sometimes adding a bold color to the cabinets would simply involve painting the hardware and the doors. 5. When painting various surfaces, consider using white as the foundation color. It makes most bold colors to stand out, yellow, blue and red. These shades will give the kitchen a captivating and an inviting look. 

6. If you are working on all-white kitchen, you have a wide range of bold color options to employ. You can paint the walls, change the countertops or switch appliances. 

Choosing the right bold color

If you are working on an already established kitchen, you know that you cannot pick any color. Different colors create varying effects. Here are few ideas to help you in this home improvement project:

1. When you are selecting red, blue or green color, assess whether countertops, cabinets, flooring and other permanent fixtures will require revamping. For instance, cabinets with natural stain will need repainting. 

2. Changing the lighting fixtures and the ceiling can add color to the kitchen. You can paint the ceiling with a bold color, which complements the rest of the décor. However, be careful not to paint the ceiling with a color bolder than what is on the walls. It will make the ceiling appear as if it is falling down. 

3. Paint the inside of the shelves or cabinets with glass doors, to display dishes and cooking items.

4. Add bold colors to recessed areas to create an illusion of depth. 

Bold paints can give life to an often-plain kitchen. You can play with various colors to enhance the kitchen design but consider carefully the size of the room, the appliances, cabinets or any other furniture. Most importantly, ensure there is harmony in the kitchen by employing the color in all aspects of the kitchen. Lastly, try using few colors, as it is less confusing that way.

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