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Cost Efficient Ways of Keeping Your Home Warm

Cost Efficient Ways of Keeping Your Home Warm

During the cold season, most people keep to the indoors. However, cold infiltrates into the house too. Installing the heating system can be an expensive venture. Keeping them at a maximum can rise up your power bills significantly. There are ways you can keep your interiors warm without inflating your energy consumption rate. With these strategies, you will maintain your power usage at minimum, while keeping your family protected from the blows of winter harsh weather.

Start by programming your thermostat. Preferably, keep it to 68 degrees; this will be a smart move to push down your power usage. A temperature of 68 degrees will be more than enough to keep your home warm in winter. Moreover, if you have programmable thermostat, do zone heating. Heat the areas where you spend the most time and lower temperatures in rooms where there is minimal traffic.

Heat gets lost, through windows and doors. Install energy efficient doors, windows, and it will pay dividends over the years. This will lower your power bills as well as increasing the value of the house. It will also concentrate the heat, keeping the house warm, regardless of the temperature of the thermostat. Winter is not always dark and cloudy. There are days when the sun comes out.  During these times, ensure that the window treatments are drawn. Open up the curtains and shades to let in the heat from the sun. You will not need to start, your heating system.

Another way of keeping your house warm is through rearranging the furniture. Keep your favorite seat or chaise lounges away from drafty windows and instead place them in corners.  As you rearrange the furniture, also add more fabric on your seats, to keep them warm and comfortable. It would seem a fancy idea to light up your fireplace, but it is best if you left it dark.  Fireplaces tend to collect all the warmth in your house and draw it out through the chimney.  Forget the images on the Christmas cards depicting glorious fireplaces. If you must light a fire in your home, invest in an electric fireplace, wood burning stove and gas log fireplace.

In addition, do a re-service to your furnace. Inspect the pipes to ensure they are clear and ascertain whether you will need a replacement or not.  Dirty furnaces can overwork your heating system, leading to high power bills. Ideally, you should give your furnace regular servicing, to avoid a breakdown when you least expect it. Showers are a great way of keeping warm, when you feel chilly. This does not mean you keep off the bathroom. However, it is important you keep the water usage down.  Limit the time you spend in the bathroom or install a low-flow showerhead. This will use a little water and use little power. Lastly, seal your older windows and doors. In as much as windows and doors help us to air our homes, sometimes they can ruin our efforts of keeping the house warm. Hence, use protective caulk to keep the cold air out. If you implement the above ideas, your home will be warm throughout the cold season.

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