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Carpet Care Guidelines - Keep Them Healthy and As Good As New

Carpet Care Guidelines - Keep Them Healthy and As Good As New

Most homeowners make the mistake of neglecting carpets. What they do not know is that lack of proper maintenance not only shortens the lifespan of the carpet but also poses a health hazard. Pet hair, dander, food spills and dust are just some of the things that are likely to land on the house rugs. All these can damage the look of the carpet or contaminate the indoor air if left unattended. 

Here are a few guidelines for maintaining carpets:

Use doormats

Door mats placed strategically at the front door can take off much of the dust from people‚Äôs shoes. They will prevent the persons from transferring dirt from outside to the carpets. This is beneficial in homes, which feature wall-to-wall flooring. The mats should be dusted regularly. No matter how well you clean your home, it will not look neat enough if you neglect your carpets. 

Remove the dust from the indoor carpets regularly

It is rare to miss a few traces of dust, which will have gotten into the house, through the windows, doors and other openings. Use an efficient vacuum cleaner, to clean the carpet.  Besides dust, vacuum cleaners will also collect fallen pet hairs and dander. If there is no cleaner, vacuum sweepers will serve the purpose. They may not be able to remove the dirt embedded in the carpet piles.

Avoid harsh cleaning products

Not every variety of cleaning agents is fit for the carpets. Since carpets are made of different materials, some will withstand strong chemicals and others will succumb to the pressure.  Chlorine, bleach products, plant foods, caustic cleaners and pesticides are some of the products that should not find their way to the carpet. Use mild products and non-bleach cleaning agents, in multi-colored carpets.

Do not wait too long to clean stains

Occasionally, it is natural for a kid or even an adult to spill something on the carpet. It can be coffee, ink, blood, oil or any other stain. Leaving the stains on the carpet too long may ruin its beauty. They end up drying up and becoming a part of the patterns on the carpet. Ensure always to clean the spill when it is still fresh. 

Engage a professional carpet cleaner occasionally

Just as a car requires servicing, the carpet too should be serviced once a year or two depending on where it is used.  The carpets placed in areas, which encounter high foot traffic may need to be taken to the cleaner twice per year. Vacuuming is good, but it might not remove all the allergens or bugs. Steam cleaning will give the carpet a new leash life and make it healthy for the family and guests. Cleaning the carpet is not only done for aesthetic value, but for health purposes as well. 

Carpets stock dust among other particles. Such elements, if they get to the air may ruin the enjoyment of the room, for those with allergy. In addition, dirt covers the decorative details on the carpet, making lose its aesthetic value. The above guidelines can help you to maintain a carpet looking as good as new and without allergens.

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