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Which One for the Home Cinema – Video Projector or an LCD Display?

Which One for the Home Cinema – Video Projector or an LCD Display?

Of all the entertainment options that can be fulfilled, it is the home cinema which looks the most appealing and tempting. It has a series of advantages and hidden rewards. Besides, it will help you to either socialize with friends and acquaintances, or have really good time relaxing with a favorite TV series or movie.


The benefits of the home cinema

I have a number of friends, and it is virtually impossible to gather them in a single cinema theater on a movie screening. In case it is possible, you always go separate ways after the film is over. The idea of having them at my place while choosing a good ‘must-watch’ movie seems more and more not just appealing, but also reasonable to me. Besides, we can find a consensus on what to watch.


Another thing is that you have a great company with whom you can share an activity without having to go anywhere. The time you would have probably wasted on getting to the theater is spent otherwise on cooking the snacks. It is not necessarily to invite people over. Watching a movie on your own or with a significant other is always a nice experience. Besides, you can stop wherever you want and go make some more coffee (tea, soda, etc.).


LCD vs. video projectors

LCD stands for ‘Liquid Crystal Display,’ due to the technology that lies behind these three words. A monitor is enough self-sufficient, you can plug any device into it (or connect via Bluetooth), and play the content. There is this standard aspect ratio and the HDTV (high-definition TV), respectively, 4:3, and 16:9. The latter provides significantly better graphics due to the watcher’s enhanced possibility to both concentrate and defocus at the same time.


There are several factors that you should consider when choosing either an LCD or video projector. First of all, you should check the price out. A projector costs within a range of $500–1,000. At the same price, we can roughly buy a 50”–55” LCD, which is not the biggest these days. The 65” display costs now over $2,000 and it’s not that good an investment currently. You should bear in mind the fact that you can project your movie at the White House, and there will be no limitation on how big your ‘screen’ is. Well, technically that is not quite possible, but in theory it would have been even better than watching movies in the back yard!


Regarding LCD, it has multiple advantages, which include compactness and lightness and low power consumption. High resolution here allows for a clear and incredibly sharp image. At the same time, a video projector will not give you the desired sharpness, or at least while your video source is not a movie theater copy. LCD is very limited because of its viewing angle and the issue with direct light. Also, when facing very low and very high temperatures, video projectors and screen shots are left alive, but not LCD's.


Having all this in mind, you should give yourself one more thought and come up with your conclusion – which would you prefer: the screen size or resolution, the viewing angle or usability, entertainment or style?

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