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Hats Off to You

People are always looking for simple fun ideas to spruce up their holidays and the ugliest Christmas hat party is one way to do that. There is little fuss or expense involved but the memories of the ugliest hat party can be captured on camera or video and be enjoyed for years to come.  Whether you have a dig around in the attic or pay dear Aunt Mel a visit to borrow a hat, get it wherever you can. Buy it from an antique store or the local market and dress it up or down. Make it bright and shiny or just plain crazy. The more laughs and merriment you can generate the better.


The Tall Hat

Cut holes in it and insert plastic flowers or pompoms or like the Aussies, hang a bunch of corks from the rim. Pay tribute to the ol’ miser of Christmas and attach some old coins. Paint it with white and black squares or go the crazy Mad Hatter route and paint it with blue and white stripes with orange dots.


The Flying Saucer Hat

Because this hat is very flat and looks like a flying saucer paint an alien face on it or make it look like a dinner plate. If that doesn’t catch your fancy then add some blinking electric lights to emulate an UFO. Make it neon pink so that it emulates a Frisbee or decorate it like you would the ugliest cake you have ever seen and make it edible too. Remember to add a few antennas with eye balls at the ends that bounce while you move.


The Pill Box Hat

This is the traditional, classy red or black little number with some lace hanging over the front to cover the eyes. But you are going to want to turn it into something glaringly ugly. Try covering it in tin foil and covering it with strange looking branches or tiny Halloween type pumpkins reminiscent of a maleficent type of character that will scare small children and animals away.


The Father Christmas Hat

We all know this one. Long, red and framed with white fur. Cute – but you need ugly so do your best. Dye it black or an avocado green and sew on some pink stripes and yellow sequins. Add some woolly home-made tassels in purple and round it off with noisy bells instead of a pompom. Not ugly enough then find something that looks like old seaweed to round off your ugly look.


The Farmers Hat

This one can be ugly to begin with but may still need a lot of work from you to create something so inspiring ugly the cows will stop producing milk. So give it your best shot and roll some smelly blue cheese on it and glue on some dirt or manure. Ok – maybe that is pushing things a little too far. I said ugliest hat not smelliest.

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