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The How To's of Hosting a Great Party Even If You Live In a Small Space

The How To's of Hosting a Great Party Even If You Live In a Small Space

If you are someone who enjoys throwing parties, but you happen to live in a small home or apartment, then you should brush up on a few tips to still have a successful event. You should learn these party hosting rules in order to keep your home from feeling too cramped, leaving your guests uncomfortable. Just pay attention to these tips and you can have the party you've always wanted to throw.


Keep The Kitchen Off Limits

During parties of any kind, people have a tendency to flock into the kitchen. This does make sense as more people get hungry or need to freshen up their drinks. Others will begin to follow into the kitchen as well. At some point, you may find that most of your guests are involved in great conversation in your kitchen. This will not be a problem if you kitchen is quite roomy. However, when you have a smaller home, you tend to have a smaller kitchen. Your goal is to keep everyone out of your kitchen in order to maintain a sense of comfort. The last thing you want to do is have your guests feel claustrophobic in your home.

When you plan your party, do your best to prepare all of your food before the party begins. Make sure to have the food out of your kitchen as this will make the time you have to spend in there at a minimum. When all of the food and beverages are out of the kitchen, your guests will really have no reason to go in there. You will be managing your party in the designated area, keeping everyone feeling comfortable and happy.


Use Your Furniture Effectively

If you are having company over and you have a small home or apartment, it is essential that you make the most out of what little space you do have. You shouldn't waste much needed space on a piece of furniture that is simply there as decoration. Your furniture needs to be functional in order to maximize its potential. You need to have a proper place to serve your food and beverages from. You can use one large table or incorporate several smaller tables scattered around the room. As long as each table is serving a purpose that is beneficial to your party, then you are all set.

You also have to pay attention to the amount of seating you are providing for your guests. You wouldn't want to have so many people over that some people have no choice but to stand for the entire night simply because all of the seats were taken. That will make your guests feel less important and uncomfortable in your home.


Throw a Party To Accommodate Your Space

When choosing how many people you would like to invite to your party, keep in mind the amount of space certain things take up. For instance, you will not be able to serve a formal dinner on a small table with a lot of guests. The plates, bowls, glasses, etc will just take up too much room. If you want to host that style of party, then simply invite fewer people so everyone will be comfortable and not crowded.


However, if you prefer to have a larger party, then you should not have a sit-down dinner. Simply place out a buffet style table with simple foods. You can have sturdy, disposable plates and glasses as well. That way, if guests need to eat while standing, then they will have no problems. It is especially beneficial if you also serve finger foods to make things even easier.

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