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The Brighter the Better

During those cold and dreary winter days what could be better than a Christmas party with a Cirque de Soleil theme! The thoughts of all those brightly dressed acrobats, dancers and other entertainers from this spectacular show just get the creative juices flowing. Of course if you are a good performer and can entertain at your party this is even better. Make sure that you are the best dressed for the occasion and stand out from your guests. The brighter you are the better your chances will be of doing just that. The sun is bright so you may turn your party into a yellow only theme but that could just defeat the purpose. For this theme the more variety there is the more fun you will have.


From Tutu’s to Tights

This includes the men wearing tights so don’t be afraid. Bright yellow tights paired with red cumber bands and striped T-shirts are good for one look. Jeans and sneakers are another theme that forms part of this circus. Go for the crazy clown look or the ghetto gymnast or the jolly Jive artist because just about anything goes for this Christmas function. If that doesn’t appeal to the men they can dress up as a character from the Arabian Nights and try a turban with jewels and feathers coupled with harem pants. Not satisfied yet – then try some baggy striped pants with sneakers and a T-shirt if that sounds more comfortable to party in. Jazz it up and let your man go for the Bond look with the black Tuxedo and bowtie but leave the shirt at home.


And Bustier Tops and Body Stockings

If the women can brave the cold then a bustier is a sexy and snazzy option but if you want to top that then go for the ornately designed full body hugging stocking. Paint the town red or go for gold. Dress up as a slinky pixie, the black swan or a wicked witch. The more over the top your costume is the more attention you will receive and stand out from the crowd. Go as a girl clown or dress in dark sinister leather to keep your friends guessing as to what or who you are supposed to be.


We aren’t done yet

Your circus of the son look is not complete until you have painted your face or body parts somewhere and somehow. Match your face make up to your costume and use a wig if that fits the part. If you are wearing black leather then add a few strategically placed temporary tattoos if you don’t have the permanent variety. Go OTP because this is the best time to play and have fun and you might not have this chance again until next year this time. Dress to impress or dress to amuse but make it a night to remember. So go bold or go home!

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