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When last did your Family have a Gaming Evening?

It is too cold to go outside and the children are complaining that they are bored. You are bored and so is the dog.  The solution is a games evening to entertain the entire family. When last did you play charades or have you ever? This is a fun way to get everyone involved including Fido and to ramp up the volume with a whole lot of laughter. Just don’t let the more ambitious family members get too serious though. Pit the boys against the girls or have a parent and older siblings on each team with the youngsters to even the playing fields and get busy thinking up themes for your charades.


Board Games

Scrabble anyone? This is a good way to combine fun with education but it is only a game for two or four people. So what other board games do you have in the home? Chess!  Again, a combination of skill and intellect is required but also a game for two. Monopoly is a fun game for the entire family and can be great fun (or not) when you have a cheater or two in the inner circle. Of course it is only fun if you can get away with slipping a few extra dollars under the blanket or add a few hotels to your property and probably won’t be appreciated by the more fair minded family members. But monopoly is definitely a fun way to while away the hours without becoming too energetic. If this is all too old-school then Nintendo games are probably a better alternative. You don’t want the kids thinking you have escaped from the Ark!


Darts are also a board game and fun to play at home with older family members and can become regular fun time together. Make it even more fun by providing rewards to winners such as 2nd and 3rd placements have to cook for the evening or take out the rubbish or wash the dishes. That kind of incentive can add a lot more interest but be fair to the younger ones!


Wii Have Arrived

The balance and co-ordination games can be a challenge for older family members on a cold winter’s night but more up to speed for the younger children. Personally, it sounds far too energetic for me but hey, different strokes for different folks. These games come in such a variety though that there is practically something on the market for everyone. How about a bit of skiing, boxing or cheer leading? If that seems too much effort then select something along the lines of general knowledge like a music game or old style arcade games. The Ultimate I Spy, Golden Balls or Hasbro Family Game Night selections are also viable options to while away those long cold, winter days and are a perfect time for family bonding.

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