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Dressing up in Drag

I don’t know about you but being straight as a dye I still think people dressing up in drag is a total scream. Of course actual Drag Queens probably don’t – but then again they do it with such absolute style and aplomb. So do yourselves a favor and throw a Drag party for your friends. Women dressed as men aren’t that funny but when men dress as women it is absolutely hysterical especially when left to the inexperienced. 


Dressing your Man for the Occasion

Because dressing up comes far more naturally to the majority of women than it does to most men, your man may need some help from you in this regard. The biggest challenge here will often be finding something that will fit your man. If you don’t have anything in your wardrobe then ‘phone a friend. If that doesn’t work then you may need to go down to your costume store or buy something suitable. There is no need to introduce your man to the regular challenges of a women’s daily life so don’t go shaving his legs and pits unless he wants to go the extra mile. It might be necessary to do the whole shaving thing though if he wants to try some stockings and garters to go for a trashy, flashy tarty look otherwise he could be scratching the entire evening!  If your man wants to use cosmetics then you have excellent examples in the form of Jared Leto or Johnny Depp.  Aaarrrr!


From Woman to Man in One Night

To dress you would usually be fairly easy. Tie up that hair, don an over sized T-shirt and shorts or go the more classy route and obtain a man’s dress suit from somewhere and you are pretty much good to go. Do not spray on that designer perfume as this would just be an absolute contrast in terms and do not paint on a moustache or beard as that is just wrong on so many levels. If you want to dress up as Charlie Chaplin then purchase a moustache and glue it one rather than using a black eye pencil.  Obviously wigs are great fun for men and women and will add to any attempt at disguise.


It’s All about Having Fun

After sending out your invitations and making all the catering arrangements as to what food and drinks your different friends will bring, all you have to do is clean house and provide the venue. Everyone simply needs to get their baby sitters in order and set aside time to have fun and unwind and they are good to go. Dressing in Drag is all about having a fun time, getting out of your ruts and doing something different. Swopping gender roles for the evening is just another entertaining way to add to your book of life’s memories to pass on to your kids one day….

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