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Having a Themed Holiday Party

Having a Themed Holiday Party

Every year it seems that people enjoy getting more and more creative with their parities, even for holidays. People enjoy bringing different themes into the mix to help break away from the ordinary and to keep things interesting. People have been coming up with their own unique ides, and there’s no reason you can’t come up with some of your own. Here are a few tips, tricks, and hints you can use when throwing a themed holiday party of your own.


Picking a Theme

When deciding on a theme for your party, keep several things in mind. Who is your demographic? Will the party be primarily adults, or will there be kids there. Will there be drinking and snacks, or is it going to primarily be dinner? Will you want to have games, or just let everyone talk on their own? These questions will help you narrow down your options. For example, you won’t want to have a stuffy, formal dinner party if people will be bring their children along, and you probably won’t want to have an all out high-energy party if most of your guests are older adults. Deciding on your theme is the biggest and hardest step. Once you figure it out, you won’t be able to go anywhere without finding something that fits your theme.



Next, you’ll want to consider how to decorate, and especially how to make your decorations unique without spending a ton of money. For example, say you are throwing a pajama Christmas party, where all guests are required to wear pajamas and slippers. You can hand out blankets and hot cocoa, line the floor with pillows, and require all presents to be bed or rest related. Encompassing your theme into every aspect of the party will really immerse your guests in the theme, and help them get into the spirit.


Another example would be a Thanksgiving party with a potluck with a multicultural theme. You can invite all guests to bring a dish from a country of their choosing, and then make a space on a long table that includes each country’s flag, and little trinkets that represent something from the country. You can also add extra flags to the walls and get a mixture of colored plates and napkins to put at each station that represent the countries’ colors.


Food and Fun

Perhaps the most important parts of any entertaining event are food and fun. Food will need to be figured out and adapted to the style of the party. Will guests be walking around and wanting finger foods, or will everyone sit down for a big meal? Is a potluck an option? When you figure out your demographic and your theme, the food ideas will probably come easily. Fun may take a bit more thinking. Does your group have the attention span to play themed games, or should you let people off on their own devices, or even have several game stations set up for small groups? If you have a mixed group of adults and children, the latter might be the best idea, while a card game might be the best for a smallish gathering of adults.


Parties are a lot of work and planning, but if planned right, they can be a huge amount of fun. Planning a party for the holidays can be extra fun since the themes are endless and everyone is likely in a festive mood anyway. Making plans and giving yourself time are crucial, but when you do those, a fun, themed holiday party is at your fingertips.

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