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Discover Some Ways on How to Make Your Home Fun for Your Cats Too

Discover Some Ways on How to Make Your Home Fun for Your Cats Too

Do you have a cat? Although these pets are more solitary than dogs, they still need time and space for playing. You still need to make your home conducive for them to live in. But how do you do it?


Begin with These Tips


Add a scratch post. Cats love to scratch when they’re excited or when they need to take care of their claws. The problem is they can scratch everywhere including your sofa. If you don’t want to it to get damaged, make sure that you have a scratch post in different parts of your home.

Let them hunt. Take them out into the yard and watch them explore. Cats, after all, are hunters, and they are more than happy to be patient to catch their intended prey.

Amuse them. Cats love to play and they’ll tell you when they’re ready to do so: they’ll bite you or rub themselves on your legs just to grab your attention. When they do these, it means you have to stop what you’re doing and amuse them.

There are already plenty of fun cat toys available online and offline. But cats, generally, don’t need fancy expensive toys to be happy. They love to play with strings and balls, which you can get basically everywhere.

Note: Some pet owners use lasers for playing. If you wish to use them, be very careful. Direct the pointer on the wall or on the floor but never on the cat as it may cause eye problems later.

Get them a warm bed. Do you know that cats sleep for more than 5 hours a day? Well, they don’t really sleep, but take many naps. It’s therefore essential they have a very comfortable bed. You can already find dozens of DIY for this one, or you can buy them pre-made.

Trim their nails. Cats can be very mischievous and rowdy with one another. Fighting is actually a norm for them, so there will be plenty of scratching and biting. To make their playtime safe, though, learn to trim their nails. Remember, we suggest trimming, not declawing.


Learn to Be More Responsible


1. Always find time for your cat. Normally cats spend at least an hour for playtime. The length of time decreases as the cat gets older. While he’s still a bundle of energy, bond with him as often as you can.

2. Don’t leave him for days. While cats can amuse themselves with toys and whatever they see, they can still get pretty lonely especially if they’re already attached to you. As much as possible, don’t leave them for hours or worse days.

3. Have some water ready. Free feeding is not advisable to cats since they’re meant to eat in small portions. However, you have to ensure they have easy access to water, particularly after a very long playing time.

4. Pay attention. Fun and playing time can also be a good indication whether your cat has some health problems. If his energy seems to dip, or when he’s less attentive as before, it may be a sign to take that trip to the vet.

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