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The Black Tie Affair at Home

Entertaining at home can provide a far more intimate night on the town type of occasion.Whether you have an old Victorian mansion or a super small contemporary home – sometimes doing it for yourself is the answer.  If you have a special day coming up such as a birthday, anniversary or just want to spoil yourselves and your friends, home entertaining can be a very pleasant experience.

Depending on your lifestyle there aren’t always places to go and invitations to accept that warrant the dashing suit or the sexy little black dress that has been gathering dust in your wardrobe now for a while.  Clearly the answer is to organise the evening and be the one issuing the invitations.

Call the Caterers

Not everything has to be done by you because you would also like to have time to mingle with your guests so procuring a caterer with a good reputation is a must.  Help them to plan your menu dependent on the type of event – be it an evening function or a late afternoon party.  Are you going to have a sit down dinner or a cocktail function? Caterers often provide the right kind of cutlery and crockery to suit your needs so it will be relatively hassle free to obtain the right kind of help.

If your caterers don’t provide waitresses or a bar then you have to make a plan for these as well.  Contact your local service providers or party planners to check who they use and whether they provide a bar for you or whether you need to provide your own.  Be sure to check the reputation of whoever you source as you don’t want plans to fall apart at the last moment.

Contact the Florist

Make sure you order your flowers at least two weeks in advance of your party so that the florist will have enough notice to provide what you want and when you want it.  It would be a disaster to try and order the day before only to find that there weren’t enough flowers in stock.  Plan properly for your black tie event so as not to be left with mud on your face!

Find the Right Music

Here you will need to decide whether your function warrants live musicians or if you could compile a selection of music. Background music in the form of classical, baroque or something from the 1930s like Fred Astaire, Louis Armstrong or Aretha Franklin will set the mood for your special night on the town, at home!  To add French flavor and romance, include the tones of Jacques Brel, Charles Aznavour or Edith Piaff. 

Be aware of the weather patterns in your area and make provision for a marquee and sumptuous seating arrangements for your guests.  Candle light and lanterns are also an attractive option to set the scene.  Enjoy your black tie event at home.

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