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Bringing an Old-Fashioned Christmas to Modern Times

Bringing an Old-Fashioned Christmas to Modern Times

The holiday’s calls for decorating your house with trimmings of the season, which help people, feel welcome and merry. Unique ideas make your house your own, and show everyone your personality. Coming up with different and non-traditional ways to decorate for the holidays will really show that you are able to be festive with your own twist.


One way of decorating that can really make an impact is going old-fashioned. Time periods from the 1800’s to about the 1950’s were full or beautiful candles, lush fabrics, and classy colors. Creating to a throwback to a bygone time creates a nostalgic feeling that being around family can enhance. In contrast to today’s widespread brighter red and green, and old-fashioned Christmas will feature many metallics and deeper, richer colors that feel comfortable and inviting.


In order to create an old-timely feel in your house, decorate your tree with white lights, silvers and gold’s, and add rich, deep red fabrics to tables and place settings. Candles should be placed sporadically to give mood lighting and add ambiance. You can even buy old printed Christmas cards or vintage books and string them in front of windows on a nicely colored ribbon.


Animals also played an integral part in older decorations, especially around Christmas time. Thrift stores and decorating stores such as Michael’s and Hobby Lobby have a variety of bird figurines or deer or squirrels can add a touch of quirkiness in an otherwise very lushly decorated area. A few metal birds on the dinner table or around a candle decoration add to the older feel of the overall room.


Candles and lighting are an integral part to creating a mood and an overall feel of an old-time Christmas. A dark, more mood lit room will help the old decorations really pop and make the room feel classier and definitely help it hearken back to an older time.


Homemade ornaments that follow a metallic theme will be a welcome addition and will give a personal touch to the overall feeling of the classic Christmas that you’re trying to achieve. Many tutorials exist online for making your own Victorian style ornaments, or you can take basic gold and silver balls and decorate them in a classical manner with metallic paint dots, lines, and simplistic designs that contribute to the theme. Ornaments can be placed in different places such as from the ceiling or from doors or bannisters to extend the theme from your tree to the rest of the house.


An old-fashioned and classy feeling Christmas can be a wonderful escape from what can sometimes feel like an over-commercialized and retail-centered holiday. Taking little steps to send your home back in time can create a family atmosphere that everyone can appreciate. Making your house a tribute to a simpler time may also help ease some of your holiday stress. It’s hard to feel frantic when surrounded by love, family, candlelight, and beautiful colors. The best part it is, it doesn’t have to cost a lot, and several pieces such as candles can be used year-round.

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