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A Few Tips on How To Have a Holiday Party at Home With Less Stress

A Few Tips on How To Have a Holiday Party at Home With Less Stress

Since the holidays are fast approaching, many people enjoy throwing holiday parties at their homes. These parties are something that should be enjoyed by all and not stressed about. You don't want to make a big fuss over wanting to get your friends and family together for the holiday season. Make the party preparation and festivities as easy and stress-free as you can.


You don't have to make so many different types of foods. Keep things simple and you will feel less stressed. In regards to your home, please don't feel it necessary to go overboard in cleaning. Your guests will not be checking every square inch to make sure you have tidied up enough. They will be more concerned with your conversation and the atmosphere you have created to make them feel welcome and comfortable. Just follow a few simple tips to create a simple entertaining space for the holidays.


Choosing Colors

When you are trying to determine decorations and what color paper plates and utensils to buy for your party, choose 2 colors that correspond with each other. You don't want colors that clash. You will leave your guests wondering what you were thinking. For a Christmas party, a good combination of colors would be red and green or red and white. You can also choose green and white or even red and silver. There are so many possibilities to make your room festive.

You can incorporate your color scheme into the tablecloth, napkins, plates and other festive adornments, such as garland and lights. When you set up your tables and party area using your chosen colors, you will bring the whole room alive.


Serve A Main Drink

When you have a holiday party, be creative in the drinks you serve. In addition to having the basic drinks, create your own unique drink that will be the hit of the party. Look up drinks that are great to serve at holiday parties and choose just one. Mix up a large batch, enough to last the entire party. This will be your signature drink.

You can even make your drink to match your color scheme. For a red and white party, you may wish to choose a drink with a reddish tint. If you want your drink to stand out, go with something that is green. Be bold and creative.


Don't Indulge In Decorations

When it comes to decorating for your party, it is not necessary to buy a ton of decorations and string them up in every area. That may look too busy and distracting. Instead, you should opt for something more simple and elegant. Your decorations can be larger, so your guests know they are at a holiday party. You can use a large wreath placed above your hearth, if you have one. You could place the wreath above the main food table as well. Place a strand of white lights around the ceiling, giving it just a simple hint of holiday spirit. The key is to make the room look festive, not cluttered.


Choose Containers Wisely

As you lay out your food table with bowls and platters, focus on what the containers look like. Instead of putting out random, mismatched containers with store-bought food, you can take that food out. Put the food into your own containers. Choose a container that is simple and will fit the food without spilling. Make sure the food is easy to get so your guests don't have to struggle. Place your food into all matching containers, of the same color. Your food will look more enticing when displayed in this way. It will also look like you care more instead of opening a package and tossing it on the table.

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