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6 Tips to Add More Fun into Your Home without Breaking the Bank

6 Tips to Add More Fun into Your Home without Breaking the Bank

If you think that you have to spend plenty of money before you can add F-U-N into your home, then you are definitely wrong. With a bit of creativity, lots of love, and right time, you can create beautiful, pleasant memories without denting your wallet.


Bright Ideas Right Here.Here are some of our cheap but cool and fun ideas you can do with your family and friends at the comforts of your own home:

1. Subscribe to Netflix. Get the newest movies and TV shows at a very cheap price of less than $10 a month. Moreover, you will have access to original TV shows such as Orange Is the New Black and the House of Cards. If you do not like Netflix, you can always go for Hulu or Amazon.

2. Set up a trampoline. For less than $200, you can already have your very own comprehensive trampoline system, complete with nets and enclosures. Made of very durable materials, these trampolines can provide endless hours of fun for both adults and children. And in case you don’t know, trampolines are good for your health too as they are a great form of exercise.

3. Camp. You do not have to be really in the wilderness to enjoy camping. If you have a nice yard and the stars are clear, pitch a tent! You can also set up DIY teepees made of blankets and sturdy pipes and thin wood. Do not forget those smores and scary stories by the bonfire.

4. Play some board games. Enough of those mobile gaming apps for a bit. It is time to get back to basics and expose the children to classic but insanely cool board games that test their skills and wit. A Monopoly board game costs less than $50.

5. Have your own pizza night. Why spend money on gas and hours of waiting when you can have a pizza night at your own home? In fact, do not call for delivery but make your own. Today you can already find some pre-made dough for no more than $5 for 14 ounces. Gather all possible ingredients and let your artistry—and taste buds—guide you as you create the pizza you have always wanted.

6. Have a PJ party. Cuddle up on one bed, lay down some popcorn and chocolate bars, and get those DVDs out. Break some rules and let those kids stay up later at night (of course, it is best to do this during weekends).


Some More Tips!

1. Fun can mean many things for others, so when planning, always involve everyone concerned, even your kids. Who knows, their ideas may be way better than yours.

2. Can’t camp or have a DJ party? There are other things on the list! This simply means that you should not be confined by rigid schedules of activities. Learn to experiment, add more to the list, or combine some of them. The only limit you have here is your own imagination.

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