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Spice Up Your Love Life With These Amazing Home Date Ideas

Spice Up Your Love Life With These Amazing Home Date Ideas

Weekends are approaching and you need something to do. You ask your significant other but they have no ideas to contribute. The both of you do not feel like going out with your friends for the weekend and would prefer to stay at home instead. You have already done too many movie and dinner dates, and are getting very tired of it. You want to try something new but have no idea what you want to do. Do not worry, we have come up with 2 amazing home date ideas that is sure to spice up your love life. Whether you want something casual or something sexy, these tips are sure to spice up your love life and add a lot more color.


The Old Fashioned Fondue & Board Game Night

Never underestimate the power of good old fondue and your favorite board games. Prior to the date, go out and buy a fondue set. They are very cheap and easy to find at your local stores. We highly recommend you prepare the fondue ahead of time as it will take some time to set up. Next, go buy your favorite board game. Whether it is Jenga, Monopoly, or even Hungry Hungry Hippos, the night is sure to end in a lot of fun.


The only catch to this idea is that you have to do this with a lot of people. Invite some of your closest friends to your home and prepare for a night fun. Buy lots of toppings to dip into your fondue. After all, not everyone likes to dip the same old food into chocolate over and over again. It can get boring and you want to make the best impression for your friends.


Play Some Sexy Twister With Your Significant Other

If you are the outgoing type, consider playing sexy Twister with your significant other. This is basically playing the classic Twister game but with a new sexy twist. Add a little bit of risque to the game and make it so whoever loses, has to strip their clothing. This will add a whole level of excitement and fun for you and your significant other. You can bet for sure that they would not want to lose since they would love to see you strip down to nothing but your undergarments.


Cook At Home With Your Significant Other

If playing sexy Twister or having fondue does not tickle your fancy, consider cooking at home with your significant other. Not only is couple cooking very good for building chemistry, but the both of you will have a lot of fun cooking hopefully very good food, or funny disasters. This will allow your partner to get a taste of your cooking skills, literally! The both of you are sure to make a lot of very fun mistakes and your experience will make for a very good story that you guys will tell for years to come. Do not be scared to burn your food, it is probably more fun that way! Just make sure you do not burn your house down!

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