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Spice Up The Night With These Fun Home Date Ideas

Spice Up The Night With These Fun Home Date Ideas

Friday nights can be lonely if you and your partner want to stay indoors. While it may be fun to hangout with your friends and go partying, sometimes you just need to stay in for a night or two with your partner. But do not fear because staying indoors on a Friday night does not need to be boring. In fact, some of the best ideas for a date happen in the comfort of your own home! We are going to share with you 2 extremely fun home date ideas that you can try out starting this Friday!


Have A Fun Puzzle Night

Go to your nearest store that sells board games and pick out a puzzle that you and your partner can complete this upcoming Friday. It might sound boring but puzzles are a ton of fun. They test out both your wits and it requires a lot of teamwork and patience to complete one. The best feeling is completing it and being able to hang it up around the house for all your family and friends to see.


Make it interesting by having alcohol before attempting the puzzle. Alcohol makes all activities fun and what more fun could it be than trying to complete a difficult puzzle while under the influence? There will be a lot of goofing around and the best part is that you get to do it with your partner. It will be a lot of fun as you guys are going to remember all the goofy moments when trying to finish the puzzle. You guys might not even finish it, but that is okay too. Everything is part of the fun.


Do It Yourself With A DIY Pizza Plan

This next idea is a classic. Go to your local convenience store and buy some dough for your pizza. Next, start buying all the ingredients that you would like to have on your pizza. Maybe you are a meat person, so be sure to buy lots of pepperoni and sausage. Not a meat person but love vegetables instead? No problem! Start buying olives, mushrooms, basil, and all your favorite vegetable toppings.


After you have purchased it all, get ready to have a lot of fun. Run to the kitchen with your partner and get ready to create a pizza masterpiece! Do not forget the tomato sauce since that is one of the most important ingredients for a delicious pizza. Get creative and have fun with your partner. Most importantly, enjoy the fruits of your labor at the end when the both of you get to feast on your tasty creation over wine and a movie. It might not sound much, but this is a classic home date idea that is done all over the country by everyone. Try it once and you will be sure to try it again!


Make it even more interesting by recording your failed attempts at creating a pizza. We guarantee that you guys will be laughing about this home date years later.

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