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Make your bedroom sexy - on a budget

Make your bedroom sexy - on a budget

You can make your bedroom space a lot more inviting and intimate by adding a splash of romance to the decoration. You don't need to be rolling in money to make a big difference - you can do it all on a budget.The important key is to focus on those small, subtle touches that can have a very big impact on a room's overall feel.Even in small splashes, the textures and colours that suit are able to transform a bedroom into an ideal haven of romance-- leaving the bank intact.


Color Change

Whatever look you seek, paint has to be among the most budget-friendly ways of updating any room. For that enticing romantic look, the way to go is with warm shades that generate intimate feelings for the room. For the smaller bedroom, choose light tones like peach, gold, or rose. With a larger space to fill instead opt for deeper tones on the walls. Terracotta, burnt orange, chocolate or brick would all be attractive options to consider for those who want to add a sexy ambience to your bedroom.


Impress with the Sheets

With a tight budget, it may not be possible to replace the whole bed with something dramatic like a four-poster or a fancy canopy. But there are still ways of adding a lot of alluring romance to your scheme by simply replacing the linen.Go for the most inexpensive option for the bedspread you can find but make sure that it is a colour match for the walls' hue and any other decoration in the room. You may choose a design with a pattern that adds some interest to the space visually. It could be a strong, floral print in a modern style that adds a stylish sexy look to the room. Having scrimped on the cover push the boat out for the sheets, splurge. Use  soft Egyptian cottons as a basic option. But to create more romance, choose more flamboyant satin or silk sheets to really get the mood in the right place for love.


Create the right Mood

Creating the right mood to generate romance is all about lighting.Although it is key, it doesn't require you to go buying the most expensive dimmer-switched chandelier. What could be more romantic than good old candlelight? as candles are not expensive, they really are ideal for adding romance to your bedroom and leaving some cash over for other little touches. You could put a pillar candle on each of the bedside tables. Another on top of the dresser and any free shelves. This means you could light them at the time of your choosing to soften the atmosphere. It is a good tip to choose scented candles like jasmine, vanilla or sandalwood as these are bound to engage more of the senses – conjuring up the right mood.


The Finishing Touches

To finish off the ambience you are seeking personalize the hangings on your walls. You could create a collage with the photos that were taken at your wedding or perhaps there are other shots of the two of you that would spark the right romance. Have them printed in black and white or sepia tones to make the display feel even more romantic. You could also incorporate other significant items – place the tickets from the first date you had or set other mementos in a suitable open-topped container.

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