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Honeymoon at home: skip the trip and make your home your ideal honeymoon destination

Honeymoon at home: skip the trip and make your home your ideal honeymoon destination

The slide in the economic climate a few years ago has really sent a number of marriage proposals down a road of worry and debt crisis. Couples were left slicing their budgets down to the bare minimum and in some instances, taking out loans to fund their sudden financial position. With this though, a new trend has developed where the honeymoon is no longer the far-off destination or romantic getaway like years before, couples have decided to focus their attention and funds on something more practical: creating a space of tranquillity at home.Enjoying the space you’re living in makes sense, and is more sustainable in the long run.


Private Garden

Creating a space that is only accessible to you and your spouse not only ensures that you create a slice of Eden in your own back yard, but will capture special moments for a lifetime. Having a safe place to retreat to is necessary for maintaining a healthy relationship with your spouse. Adding nice touches like a bench swing or even a hot tub will encapsulate special moments forever. Keeping this space pet and guest free will ensure that the space is etched on your heart as something only shared with your spouse. Not only will this help keeping the romance alive, but will also assist in relieving stress by creating a dedicated private zone. By agreeing to keep this area free from arguing and bickering, not only does it remain a haven, but will also be a place you look forward to going.


Enter EnGedi

The Hebrew translation of EnGedi means oasis, and creating this environment at home will ensure you don’t miss foreign destinations as far as the honeymoon is concerned. One of the best places to created said oasis is the bedroom. After all, not only is this a place of special significance for you and your spouse, but also a place where you spend a lot of your hours. Incorporating things that you both enjoy in this space will ensure you enjoy this space and associate good memories with it. Creating a seating area with bookshelves, or a beautiful viewpoint, a fireplace or even a space where you can listen to your favourite music together can really add personal value to this space. Words of caution, if you want this space to remain special, try to keep it argument free. This should be a zero-judgement zone, and should really just be a place where you and your spouse can enjoy yourselves and each other.EnGedi need not only be reserved for the bedroom, an en suite bathroom can easily be transformed by adding a few nice touches. Forget the rain shower heads and fireplaces in the bathroom, how about adding a steam room? They don’t take up half as much space as you would believe, and can be a terrific stress reliever. If that is not to your liking, try adding a water feature. The sound of the trickling water can add an instant sense of EnGedi.

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