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Home is where the heart is: Three ways to ensure the romance is not lost at home

Home is where the heart is: Three ways to ensure the romance is not lost at home

Being in a relationship for a few years does not mean romance has to fly out the door just because you’re used to one another. It may demand a little more effort, but the results will be well worth it. Working on your relationship with your spouse or partner should demand more of your effort and time than your work, according to those in the know. That is a tall order in modern society and not an easy feat to accomplish.


Hire a Babysitter

Sometimes all you need is some quality time with your partner, and having children adds to the joy, however, spending time alone with your partner is incredibly important. Knowing the kids are still in the same house may distract you. The very important thing to remember here is, should you wish to have alone time while your kids are at home, locking them out of the room or telling them that you and your partner are to be left alone may leave them feeling rejected or unwanted. Planning a fun day for them with the grandparents, your sister or a trusted nanny or babysitter could however leave everyone feeling fulfilled and revived.


Make Effort

Making effort does not mean that it has to cost you a truck load of money, making effort means doing something out of the ordinary to make your significant other feel special. Cooking them a three course meal, running them a bath, helping with a project that they usually handle by themselves or even just writing them a beautiful letter, for their eyes only. By adding special little touches in your day-to-day environment, your spouse or partner is constantly reminded of the love and romance you share.


Romance is not, and should not, only be reserved for special occasions

Only thinking about romance on a special occasion could leave your partner feeling more than just left out and neglected. Don’t be fooled into thinking that your partner only thinks of special occasions as mass marketing, the attention co-workers, friends or family receive on these occasions may leave your significant other feeling like the runt of the litter. If you’re not sure how they feel about it, pay attention to what they say. Usually what’s in the heart will come out of the mouth, and their desires will be made known to you. If you are someone who only remembers that you’re part of a relationship on special occasions, you may want to rethink your position. It may work in the short run, but it could cause a significant rift in the relationship later on when all the distractions are gone. By being able to spend quality time with your spouse or partner at home, you are not only working towards building a stronger bond and ensuring the romance never dies, but also setting a healthy example for your children, friends, family, colleagues and anyone in your circle of influence.

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