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Three Themed Tree Ideas

Three Themed Tree Ideas

Having a Christmas tree that fits a theme can add so much to your holiday décor. Whether you choose to have a main tree with a bevy of ornaments and smaller themed trees, or just one that showcases a larger theme, having a tree that is reflective of what you want to represent during your holiday celebration can make your holiday that much cheerier. Decorating according to your tastes and creating a theme around that can also make Christmas feel more personal to you and your family, rather than the giant corporate holiday focused only on presents that it sometimes feels like.


Color Theme

One of the most popular and, arguably, easier themes to complete is to dress your tree in is picking a color, and only using that color for ornaments, lights, and tinsel. Choose your favorite color, and go wild. You can choose something more traditionally holiday themed like red or blue, or you can go completely different and do purple or even something like zebra or leopard print. Luckily, there are craft stores that carry all manner of colors and you shouldn’t have any problem trimming your tree top to bottom with any color that reflects you and your family.


Animal Theme

Another good theme to go with is an animal theme. You can choose woodland critters, dogs that resemble your family dog, African animals, or anything you fancy. If you choose an animal theme, you can make your own ornaments as well as find many options available at craft stores. If you choose pets, you can add pictures of your pets and most likely find ornaments that resemble them. If you choose woodland creatures, you can purchase fox, beaver, squirrel, and raccoon ornaments and also make your own hedgehogs out of pine cones and birds out of wooden cutouts. This way, you can also involve your family in the making of your themed tree.


Sports or Entertainment Theme

If your family enjoys a certain sport or activity together, that can be a great them for your tree. If you watch baseball together every season, you can trim your tree with ornaments featuring your favorite team and the sport itself. If you like to watch movies together, you can do a movie theme or make the tree a theme of your favorite movie or favorite type of movies, such as Disney cartoons. The possibilities are endless and your family can have a lot of fun making and finding ornaments for your theme. It will also solidify your mutual interests and make them more enjoyable throughout the year.


There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating your tree with a theme. When it comes down to make a decision, think about your decor, your family, and what you want your tree to represent. If you want it to match your house colors, a tree done in a single color can add to your house, while a family activity tree can become a family activity in itself. Whatever theme you choose, your tree will bring you joy every year when you set it up and be the center of many memories.

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