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Dress for Success

Bring on the pomp and ceremony this year because it will be a royal occasion and you will be the monarch who leads the event to success. Many of us like a bit of dress up and a theme party that allows one to be a king, queen, prince or princess for the night just lends itself to a sense of luxury. The gorgeous robes of red and purple velvet bordered with gold and ermine are enough to make anyone feel special. Add to this a crown, tiara and lavish jewels and you will look and feel like the most important person in the room. Send out your velvet coated invitations and contact your local costume party store to see whether you are an Elizabeth II or Henry VIII, Tsar or Tsarina. Perhaps the title of lord and lady would be more your speed.   I’m sure that somewhere in history you will find royalty that has a touch of your personality in him or her to emulate for a night.


All that Glitters is not Gold

Even if your decor is not real gold it will look luxurious.  Rich reds and gold colors always go well together and give the impression of wealth and comfort beyond one’s wildest dreams. You can have this experience for one night at least. This is the time for a traditional Christmas tree decked in red, white and gold decorations. Anything that glitters will fit the bill and your table should be lavishly covered in red and gold embossed organza with candelabra to match the austerity of the occasion. Drape your chairs in tinsel to match and design a sophisticated menu and place it on a stand on a side table to whet the appetite. Situate a champagne waterfall on a table so that your guests have continuous access to this delicious nectar while they wait for dinner.


If Music be the Food of Love, Play On

Music will definitely relax your friends and enhance their appetites so choose some good classics to play gently in the background.  Serve shrimp and caviar starters and follow this with roasted duck, chicken, turkey, beef, lamb or pork.  Prepare your vegetables with rich cream and cheese sauces. Serve several potato and rice courses to go with your main meal. Pour a different wine with each course to tempt and delight your royal entourage.


Follow dinner with an array of hot and cold mini desserts with cream and custard and lastly provide a platter of savory biscuits and cheeses. End with delicious filtered coffee, Don Pedro’s and chocolates. Your guests may not wish to leave the sanctuary that you have so generously provided but continue to be royal gracious hosts until they have had enough and send them on their way with a smile and a wave knowing that you have all had a royal time together.

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