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Gadgets that will make you stand out on holiday

Gadgets that will make you stand out on holiday

Check your emails underwater

Aquapacs protect your devices from water and sand, while allowing you to use touch screens or Blackberry QWERTY keyboards on the beach or even underwater without a worry. There are Aquapacs for phones, GPS devices, digital cameras (even DSLRs), camcorders, tablets and e-readers. The camera cases have proper lens holders, so your photos come out clear and crisp, even when taken underwater. Prices start at £20


Rugged pictures wherever you are

Most people take their holiday snaps on their phones, but very few of these can withstand a dunk in the sea or pool or a drop onto the tiled floor of your apartment’s patio. Not so the DMC-FT5 from Panasonic, a compact built to survive extreme conditions – including underwater. With a 16.1MP MOS sensor it will take a much better shot than your phone, while still making sharing your shots easy with wi-fi and NFC. Prices start at £269


Punch out the sounds

Portable speakers don’t have to be pathetic tinny and quiet when lounging at the poolside, or sipping cocktails in your apartment. The JBL Flip is a neat, sturdy little cylinder that belts out a big sound with impressive depth and clarity for its 160 x 60mm size. With a rechargeable battery (and both UK and EU adapters in the box, along with a carry case), it gives around five hours of portable playback per charge. Prices start at £99.99


Noise cancelling headphones with attitude

Like your music clean and unadulterated, especially when there's a cacophony all around? Musical Fidelity EB-50 In-Ear Sound Isolating Balanced Armature Driver Earphones with Smartphone Controls are for you. Developed to offer the same level of performance as the company's high-end audio products but with many layers of sound proofing, EB-50 faithfully reproduces sound as the artist intended you to hear.  Prices start at £149 - Superfi


Solar powered portable battery charger

Tired of your Smartphone running out when you're out on the hill or lying on the beach? With a Brunton Solar/USB Power Pack those days are over. Sleek enough to fit in your pocket it'll charge your Smartphone  or mp3 player - it has a 3-way USB cable with mini, micro, and Apple connectors - so you needn't worry about running out of juice when you're away from a plug socket. There are no worries if it stops working either. Break it and Brunton will replace it, no question. £70


Watch your handheld hands free

Do you find the best entertainment on a flight is often what you've got on your Smartphone or tablet. Now there's a gadget that takes only a second to prepare your handheld for hands free viewing while you travel. A specially-designed clip in the Sky View’s base fits over and into the latch of most seat-back tray tables, and also works as a stand. $27.99

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