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Your space is personal, so why not personalize it? A few handy hints to adding your personal flavour to your surroundings.

Your space is personal, so why not personalize it? A few handy hints to adding your personal flavour to your surroundings.

Having a space to call your own is precious. Adding your personal flair and touches to it brings it to life. Frames are only for photos, right?

Wrong. A very nice way to add a focal wall with your own personal style is by having a frame collage. There are many ways to achieve a beautiful end result, and this is only limited by your imagination. A nice touch is to have only black and white photos on your feature wall, or only one color frames. Another is to have one style of frames in a variety of colors. How about swopping out the photos for love letters between you and your partner? If this is too personal, a nice add would be pictures drawn or painted by your children. Having them grouped together on a feature wall makes for an interesting eye diversion. Having frame boxes also opens a realm of possibilities. Boxes add that extra dimension, where you can include your child’s first toys, your wedding bouquet, souvenirs from trips or any item that was previously too small to display.



Having vinyl stickers printed and cut to your specifications is as easy as it sounds. Placing them above your bed, or in your lounge is a nice touch, but they are not only limited to these spots. Bathroom and vanity mirrors, fridges and even doors are wonderful places to remind your loved ones that they are loved. Balance is key though. The nice thing is, if you don’t like it anymore, you can always just peel them off. Try personalizing them to something that has meaning, and not just a general store bought quote.



Decoupage is an often overlooked medium to adding your personal flair to a space. If you are in the process of redecorating and something just doesn’t blend with the surrounds, consider decoupage. This is especially true for appliances like fridges. Decoupage is no longer limited to floral designs, sea shells and teddy bears on toy boxes. You need to think bigger. Tissue paper works really well, and comes in a variety of styles and designs. It’s easy to touch up and maintain, and can adapt to your surrounds. Adding a few personal photos and touches really brings out the piece, and allows you to own your furniture.



When we think mosaic, we tend to think pool, patio or bathroom. Sometimes even the kitchen. Some creative folk out there extend it to frames, trays and table tops. However, this is such a versatile medium to update any piece. How about incorporating mementos and souvenirs in your pieces? Also, not only tiles need to be used in your mosaic, broken saucers, buttons, beads, medals, pebbles, glass stones, grit and coins can all be used to create spectacular pieces. Don’t limit yourself to a flat surface either, vases, lamp stands and candle holders are good items to test your skills on once you become more comfortable. 

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