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Top 10 Renovation Tips for Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Top 10 Renovation Tips for Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Bathrooms and kitchens, for the longest time, lacked in ideas and creativity when it came to home décor. But that all has changed in recent years as home décor now takes a comprehensive approach. Here are the top 10 tips to renovate your bathrooms and kitchens without breaking the bank!

10) Multi-Purpose Pieces

Whether you love rustic or coastal décor, naturalism is the main element that you should incorporate in your kitchen. Try bringing a balance between natural and optical white finishes in your kitchen for a sleek and elegant look. For that, benches, seats, and chairs work well in reflecting the majestic outdoors in your interior.

9) Switch Countertops

Many people are now changing their countertop materials to granite or tile, and you should too. It creates an impeccable balance with modern kitchen fixtures and stainless steel appliances.

8) Sink in the Sink

People now like to spend more times in their bathrooms, so an oversized sink will work great to accentuate the overall aroma. You can also art up your bathroom sinks to match your home décor. For example, if you have rustic décor, don’t be shy to art it up with ranch and cabin influences.

7) Don’t Forget the Kitchen

As for kitchens, consider installing large stainless steel or glass sinks that can create a visual balance between other elements.

6) Large Showerheads

There’s absolutely no point in having small, difficult to clean showerheads in your bathrooms. Replace them with sturdy brass showerheads that feature easy to clean nozzles and can pivot easily to give you a relaxing shower to call it a day.

5) Go Pot Filler

Pot filler is what you need to balance function and form in your kitchen. Pot fillers are ideal for family kitchens and are a luxury item that saves time in putting water where you need it.

4) Lighting Matters

Kitchen is populated during the day so natural light works well. That said choose between different warm tones for lighting to create a chic look in your bathroom and kitchen.

3) Yes, Spa!

Yes, home spas are now available at affordable rates and can add a touch of class and luxury to your bathrooms (provided that you incorporate other elements in this list as well).

2) Time for a Change

Year after year, the fixtures in your bathrooms get exposed to water and steam, which deteriorates their look and quality over time. It’s time for a change and one that incorporates the minimal approach. For instance, you can purchase polished bathroom fixtures that serve as multi-purpose pieces.

1) Functionality in Minimalism

If you love the minimalist way of life, then you will be delighted to know what modern furnishing stores have to offer. Consider investing in elegant yet practical fixtures for your kitchen, like a pared down table. These types of table work well for cooking, dining, and even sharing a late night drink with your significant other!



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