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More than just a chair, or a sofa, or a couch. Three easy ways to update a key element in our living spaces: the seating.

More than just a chair, or a sofa, or a couch. Three easy ways to update a key element in our living spaces: the seating.

Having a beautiful environment no longer has to cost an arm and a leg. By applying a few simple techniques and swopping your furniture around, a simple piece can transform your space. The beauty of furniture is that it’s able to adapt to your style, with a few easy touches.



Painting furniture has been around since the invention of both, well, paint and furniture. Sometimes however, we need to consider the different types of finishes that can be achieved by applying just a simple coat or two, and the effect it has on pieces we’ve had for years. Whether you are looking to modernize, age or distress pieces, this simple and fairly inexpensive method can add new life to your pieces. A variety of products are available to suit your individual style, and in some instances a combination of paint and varnish can do wonders. Plastic pieces can now also be painted with relative ease, just ensure you have the right paint, primers, etc. for these jobs. The end result is only limited by your imagination.



The color of a sofa, couch or chair can either limit or enhance the possibilities of what you can do in a room. Take for instance the seventies, where the height of fashionable colors included browns, oranges, yellows and beige. If you still have your suite from the seventies, chances are good that it may be a bit outdated. If it’s physically still in a good condition, consider having it re-upholstered. Go with an upholsterer who has knowledge of additional trims and features. This can transform your couch, chair or sofa. Another sure way of ensuring a fresh new feel is perhaps choosing a different type of material entirely. A good upholsterer will tell you what to look for in order not to lose the shape of your piece. Adding details such as buttons or darts, can really go a long way.



A simple accessory can really go a long way. We seem to get stuck on only adding scatter cushions to our furniture, and only one type at that. Yes, cushions have a nice way of adding a certain sense of style to a room. But why stop there? Adding features such as embellishments and embroidery can take your furniture to a whole new level. Also consider adding an armrest table. This can be especially handy, as it fits neatly over the armrest, and adds a bit of style to any couch. Ask your local hardware to make this to suit the dimensions of your furniture. Good quality throws can really add to a cosy feel, and if styled properly, really adds warmth to any piece. Finally, something often overlooked and equally important: take care of the hardware of your furniture. If you have sofas met metal feet, changing out these feet can make a difference. Some armchairs and wing backs can go on castors. Look out for good quality ones to ensure longevity.

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