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How to Set Up Your Home with Western Décor

How to Set Up Your Home with Western Décor

If you have a fair idea of what a western home décor is, then you must be fan because there is absolutely nothing to hate about the Wild West. What makes it even better is that since Western décor is so popular, you can now easily set up your home with the cowboy and spaghetti western charm with affordable additions.

A western themed home exhibits serenity and elegance that can change bring calm and peace in your life. The combination of warm colors with wooden materials brings out the best in any property. Here are some simple and effective ways to incorporate a western décor in your home.

Color Tones

Colors are extremely important in setting up a Western theme in your home. Typically, natural and warm color tones are used with wood-clad materials in creating an ambient western décor. The best thing to do here is to visit a western themed bar and seek inspiration from their décor. Try using terra cotta and brick red accent colors along with grey, cream, sepia, and tan colors to accentuate the different features in your bedroom. Generally, honey colored wood and river stones work wonders in a living room.

Earthy Flooring

You have a wide range of options when it comes to flooring, so don’t worry about that aspect of your budget as you can easily get affordable flooring from different stores. Hardwood and dark laminate flooring are ideal for bedrooms to create a warm and classic look. Checkerboard tiles and polished hardwood, on the other hand, go well with living rooms, and setting up area rugs will compliment them even further. As for your bathroom and kitchen, earth toned tiles work great to give your home a comprehensive look.

Ambient Lighting

Lighting is very important in completing the look of your western themed home. Iron lighting fixtures are popular with western décor, including heavy iron glazed lanterns and lamps that work well on the outdoors. Chandeliers can be incorporated in the living room to accentuate the different features in it. For your bedroom, consider investing in low lit chandeliers that scatter light to each area of the room. Wooden-clad sconces and lamps are generally used in bathrooms and bedrooms for creating a yellowish light that compliments the wooden materials incorporated.

Furniture and Decorations

Warmth, comfort, and ranch like look make a western décor complete. For that, you will have to make use of different types of decorations. For your furniture, as long as you’re working with dark wood or heavy wood furnishings, you’re doing a fine job. As for decorations, there are many options available. For instance, you can place a wagon wheel on one wall of your living room. You can place log shaped flooring in your bedroom for a cabin type of feel. You can install unpainted wooden furniture on different areas of your home along with oil paintings to create a look that everyone will talk about!

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