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How to Set Up Your Home with Rustic Décor

How to Set Up Your Home with Rustic Décor

The laidback style of life inspired by Hispanic and Indian American influences truly define a rustic décor. Rustic décor remains popular to this day since the theme has evolved over the course of years and decades. Rustic décor today is elegant yet powerful, comfortable yet iconic, and the visual appeal that it brings comes second to none.

If wooden furnishing is your thing and you love fusing modern and contemporary environment together, then rustic décor is the best choice for your home. While rustic décor is not entirely difficult to set up, many homeowners confuse it with western décor. Though they have essential similarities, rustic décor is not just about warmth and comfort in a wood-clad premise. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that can help you install a chic and urban rustic décor in your home.

Make a List

A rustic décor is like a walk in the Amazon woods, except that the wood can be white. With rustic décor, your goal should be to make the best possible use of natural features that are available in stores. Here is a list of items that you will need to get started:

·         Lighting – faux antler and pine cone sconces, semi flush ceiling lights, amber glass and pendant chandeliers, pine cone lanterns, vanity lights and rustic lamps.

·         Furnishing – wood flooring, natural fabric rugs, timber panel fans, and a few bricks for the fireplace.

·         Decorations – logs, tree stumps, twigs, bark strips, river rocks, and dried leaves.


The outdoors of a rustic décor must compliment a natural setting. This is why rustic décor can work wonders with heavy wood materials. For instance, consider installing a reddish brown brick wall on one side or more sides of your home, and use dark tone paints like beige, brown or grey. For lighting, you can install faux antler sconces on each side of the main entrance. Bricks paving a way to your entrance won’t be a bad idea either. If you have a thing for animal motifs, a deer motif on the main entrance will work wonders.

The Interior

If you don’t have a fireplace, then get one! Rustic décor works well with a fireplace, and if you’re at it, install the river rocks on the sitting area for a campfire in the woods type of look. You can go with the same dark tone colors for the interior space, or light tones if you are working with whitewood on flooring and furnishing. Ebony leather on the sofas and natural fiber rugs will compliment the all natural décor in your home. Consider installing the amber glass chandelier on the living room or dining area, and the pendant chandelier in your bedroom. All said and done, make sure to reserve a wall solely for motifs, decorations, and Hispanic and Indian American art.



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