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How to Set Up Your Home with Japanese Décor

How to Set Up Your Home with Japanese Décor

Despite the fact that Japanese décor is probably one of the hardest types of themes to incorporate in a home, it remains ever popular because of its aesthetic beauty and the effect it has. Japanese theme defines minimalism and its blend of soothing colors with wooden furnishings promotes a peaceful way of life. If you think Japanese décor is all about removing the heavy furniture in your home, then you’re wrong.

Japanese décor is essentially art- the living room is your canvas and your landscaping defines your work. To create a balance between energy and tranquility, you will have to consider many features in your home. Let’s take a look at how we can set up our homes with a chic Japanese décor.

Make a List

Japanese themed homes consist of unadorned furniture, elegant indoors, and energy focal points. To create such a harmonious balance, you will have to make a list of the following items that you can easily buy from an Asian store nearby:

·         Lighting – Japanese floor lamps, paper lights, paper lanterns, Miura lights, and string lights will cover all the lighting fixtures you need in your home.

·         Furnishings – Lightwood furniture of generally any type works well with Japanese décor.


I’m sure you’re wondering ‘how do I create that iconic Japanese exterior look’. It’s quite simple, and all you have to do is get some stone and rocks that are typically used in Japanese gardens (if you have a lawn that is). Set up the stones and rocks in amphitheater styled steps, and add a few bamboo or sisal chairs to your lawn to keep your guests entertained outdoors. String lights work best in outdoors as they create a soothing look, accentuating each detail.


Wahitsu is a Japanese styled space, consisting mainly of open floor plans that are now becoming popular in modern homes. First off, move the furniture in your home to side to allow open space in the middle. If you have furniture that you don’t use, don’t be afraid to let it go. Place Tatami mats in the living rooms and beneath the beds in your bedrooms for an iconic Japanese look. You can also install sliding doors in your home made of bamboo or other natural fabrics. As for lighting, you can use floor lamps on each corner of your living room and bedrooms to create an elegant look. If you think you can invest more, a graphic ladder will work well to pave a way to your roof. As for kitchens and bathrooms, Miura lights and paper lanterns work best to create a pleasant aroma. Last but not the least, invest in a Chabudai table. These are Japanese tables that can be used for a variety of purposes. Hence, you consider investing in a few Chabudai tables for different areas of your home to complete your own Japanese décor.



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