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How to Increase the Add-On Value of Your Property

Many homeowners today believe that add-on value is yet another buzzword in home furnishing. In reality, add-on value represents the renovations and additions you made in your property to give it a look that it has today. In this regard, add-on value can give you many long term benefits, including (but not limited to):

·         Improving your standard of life and complimenting your nature.

·         Improving the selling prospects of your property in terms of price and days in listings.

·         Improving the rental prospects of your property.

Add-on value on a property with home décor can turn it into a turnkey property, which itself has many real estate benefits. Now that you know what add-on value can do to your property, here are a few tips to increase it with simple and effective renovations.

Home Décor

Many home buyers today want to live in a property that compliments their lifestyle and brings positivity. This is the reason why home décor is the most significant addition in your property to increase its add-on value. That said the theme you choose will depend a lot on what type of property you live in, and what region it’s located in. For instance, if you live in some of the colder parts of the world, then consider investing in western or rustic décor. On the other hand, if you live in a hot and humid climate, tropical, coastal, and Japanese décor can work brilliantly.

Large Bathrooms and Kitchens

Homeowners today realize the importance of having a well blended bathroom and kitchen in the premise. If your bathrooms and kitchen are rather missing with the theme in other parts of your home, then don’t expect your property to sell instantly. If you have small bathrooms, consider increasing the floor space through some construction work. As for kitchens, model them like you would want your family and guests to spend time in it. For that, you must consider the ventilation system, the area available, and the furnishings that can be replaced with minimal fixtures. If you can’t invest in that, then incorporate the theme of your home in these areas. This will create a comprehensive look in your property that will definitely take any potential buyers of tenants off their feet.

The Outdoors


The interior of your home is important, but not more or less than what is outside. If you have a rather lackluster porch or lawn, then get ready to invest some time and money in it. For starters, take a look at your home from a distance and see what it’s missing. A little elegance or some color tones? Try giving the exterior walls of your home similar color tones to what is inside. This will definitely have a strong impact on any potential guests, buyers, or tenants. 

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