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How Lamps can Change Your Room

How Lamps can Change Your Room

One of the coolest and easiest decor trick is to use decorative table lamp. This single piece in your home can be incredibly handy, doubling up as a functional and aesthetic piece. What makes it especially handy, is how easily you can use it. After all, it hardly takes anything to buy a lamp that fits the requirements.

Here are some of ways you can use lamps in your home:

Complement your decor: It is often the little finishes that complete a look. The right lamp is that little item that shows you paid attention to the details. Choose a lamp that compliments the entire decor. So, if you have a classical home, go for porcelain base lamps. These are timeless and effortlessly classy. A metal base with a sleek shade, on the other hand, will go perfectly in a modern home. For a contemporary home, look for bold-colored lampshades.

Use it to highlight: A table lamp can be used to highlight a special item. Just place it under the pool of light. It could be a special shell, a little pice of sculpture, a framed photo or anything that is worth highlighting. The only rule you have to follow is to make sure that when placed on the table, it is covered by the pool of light from the lamp.

Make it cosy: A table lamp is often used for warm light in a room. The mellow light from a table lamp is perfect in creating a cosy ambience. Choose a mellow yellow light to ensure that warmth. To make it even warmer and cozier, go for warm dark shades for the lampshade.

Give it the wow factor: Lamps should be stylish. You can choose from a number of decorative table lamps in the market today. Look for something that really catches the eye. Stained glass Tiffany lamps, classic porcelain lamps, a silver or brass lamp — anything that impresses you. Make the lamp a decorative item in its own right.

Make it personal: You can also make decorative table lamps that have a personal meaning for you. There are many things that can be turned into a lamp base with just a little know-how. Use your favorite wine bottle, wood carving, lantern, metal cage or even a large shell! Even the lamp shades can be personalized. Use a scarf, paste your favorite cartoon, sew in the shells from your last trip to seaside. Just let your creativity flow!

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