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Design pitfalls for the modern home owner: Four things you need to consider before signing

Design pitfalls for the modern home owner: Four things you need to consider before signing

Have you ever walked into a place where you just loved the lay-out, the kitchen design, the lounge, the bedrooms, and made allowances for things that you knew potentially might be a problem, but you’re sure you can look beyond them? If you’ve answered yes, you need to keep reading.


Will you be able to change the decor style?

If you decide for instance, to purchase a home that is fashionable right down to the very last brick, it may be difficult to update the style at a later stage. Be careful of purchasing a house that epitomizes a fad. Rather opt for a style that is easy to transform, to prevent the risk of your house becoming stuck in a twilight zone. Fads pop up every now and then, and should enhance your space rather than overshadow it.


Is it high maintenance?

No matter how beautiful they are, white carpets are high maintenance. All the protective coatings cannot hide the fact that you have kids and pets. Also a key thing to consider is whether the space you’re potentially purchasing will allow moments of disaster, and forgive a house that’s lived in. The continuous maintenance of the space shouldn’t inhibit your ability to enjoy it.


Can it incorporate your existing furniture design?

Having shabby cottage vibe furniture in a super modern or art deco loft could potentially derail the intended design aspect of the space, unless it so works out that it enhances the space. Also, take into consideration the actual sizes of the rooms, will you be able to A) fill the space or B) have enough space. Buying different or additional furniture just to make better use of the space could add pressure to the purchase.


Will the new space make allowances for your lifestyle?

Oftentimes we tend to look at a new home with the day to day functions the only thing on our minds, whereas, those specials moments also need consideration. If you are someone who likes to entertain, and now you’re moving into a space which doesn’t allow this, or you’re not keen on entertaining large crowds but you now have the facilities for it, once again the design will hamper your style. All aspects of your lifestyle should be taken into consideration where design is concerned.


Once you’ve found the perfect space that allows for most or all of your preferences, adding design touches will be a breeze and a project you enjoy. Some compromise may be important, but don’t compromise on key lifestyle factors. After all, the design of your house should be comfortable for you to maintain for a long time to enjoy all its benefits.

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