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Brighten up or tone it down: how to create a wall treatment that complements every aspect of day to day life

Brighten up or tone it down: how to create a wall treatment that complements every aspect of day to day life

When we think walls, we tend to think paint, canvasses or store bought wallpaper only. What other design aspects are there really?



Fast becoming one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to update a space. What makes this a viable option? When you are over your design and want to update your space again, you simply remove it. Let’s look at a basic example of where this could work: a nursery. You start off with a beautifully painted nursery in a neutral color. You then add the vinyl in the designs of your choice: nursery rhyme characters, animals, butterflies, clouds, and more. Fast forward a couple of years and the nursery is now a child’s room. Remove the vinyl and simply update to a superhero theme, or a theme that suits your child best. Fast forward a few more years and you simply remove these vinyl applications and update to a theme that suits your teen best.



Creating a focal point or a theme need not leave your house looking like a cheesy restaurant. Paint is also not the only way to incorporate murals in your home. Most interior decorators have someone who specializes in murals, and nowadays the design is painted on a canvas and then applied to the wall. A beautiful but costly exercise.



Finally that doodle you’ve been playing around with on your blotter at your desk at work can now be incorporated into a lasting effect in your home. Look out for companies who allow you to design your own wallpaper. This way you know the design in your home is totally unique and you won’t see it in every second house. Another thing would be to combine different wallpapers together as opposed to just having one theme through the entire house. Pair up a few swatches, and you might just be surprised at the result.


Personalized mosaic

Instead of running to a shop to buy your tiles, rather save your broken teacups and saucers, and other memorabilia and create a focus wall mosaic. A good idea would be to take measurements of your wall, and have a piece of plywood cut to size. Doing your mosaic work on it and then mounting it to wall will give you a little room to move the pieces around. If this is not a viable option for you, make sure you plan the design before-hand so you don’t lose track of the design you want to achieve.


Wall hangings

Tapestries and rich fabrics have long been design aspects in eastern culture, and is a great way to showcase a beautiful purchase should you have gone on one of these trips. By having the right color fabrics accompanying your tapestries and carpets, a beautiful Moroccan or Bedouin look can be achieved. Pair this off with subtle lighting, brass pieces and raw wooden furniture and you have a winner.

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