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Types of human food that should never be on your dog’s menu

Types of human food that should never be on your dog’s menu

You’ve just got a dog and you’re more than happy playing with your furry friend. When it comes to feeding time you might think: “Well, aside dog food, I can give him/her all of the goodies that I eat”. That’s not right at all, not even by a long shot. Your pet friend has different needs and a different body than you, so he/she gets to eat food that’s good for their system. Yes, there are many things that you can give him, but all seasoned dog owners know there are some which can make their beloved pets feel terribly sick.

Everybody loves chocolate…

Every human, that is. And maybe our furry friends do too. But it is NOT good for their health. Chocolate contains caffeine, which, if eaten by your dog, can cause him/her abdominal pain, severe agitation, muscle tremors and in high amounts can even lead to seizures and death. So you should definitely know better than to leave a chocolate bar or two lying around in your dog’s reach. And if caffeine is the problem, don’t even think about the damage coffee could do to your furry friend.

Vegetables and nuts

You may not be aware of it, but the good old onion is not healthy for your dog. Some of the enzymes contained by onion can cause the destruction of the canine red blood cells, causing weakness and even bleeding in some cases. With garlic it’s the same, especially that garlic is even more toxic that onions to our four legged fellows.  Macadamia Nuts are also a great source of pain for our furry friends, which, if ingested, can cause a toxic reaction leading from muscle weakness to inability to walk. So beware not to let any on the floor!


“Hey, fruits can’t possibly harm my dog!” you’d say. Wrong! Some of them can cause serious trouble. Grapes are one of them, as the seeds have similar enzymes to Macadamia Nuts, so they can cause the same amount of damage if ingested. And they can cause kidney failure too! Avocados are on the black list too, as all the parts of the fruit contain personal, a toxin which can cause various reactions, from upset stomach to breathing difficulties. And even the seemingly harmless apple cores contain cyanogen glycosides, mostly know as cyanide. In sufficient amount this can cause dizziness, colapsion and even coma if your dog ingested to much of it.

And one more surprise…

Saving this for last, but just to make sure you remember well. Bacon is BAD for dogs. “Wait, what? That can’t be true! ”, you’d normally say. But it is true. Bacon is too rich in fat four our furry friend and it can lead to pancreatic, which in turn, can cause severe damage to our pay friend’s digestive system.

It’s important to recall what is good and what is bad for our four legged pals, especially when it comes to their diet. This is the main source of their strength, but it can easily become the greatest source of their weakness. You can feed your dear puppy your favorite food, but first make sure that it doesn’t have anything in it that can harm him.

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