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Wings & Feathers: Main Things You Need to Know About Keeping a Bird in the House

Wings & Feathers: Main Things You Need to Know About Keeping a Bird in the House

Birds are incredible creatures. Although we think they came from dinosaurs, it is not completely true. They do share some attributes with reptiles, although feathers and body heat is not something they have in common. In any case, birds are ancient. They have always amazed people by their ability to fly. Another appealing attribute of their is their singing and, in some cases, the ability to speak words. This is the reason why birds have become popular pets. While many people would like to own a parrot or other feathery creature, not many know how to properly take care of them.

Installing a bird cage

First of all, you must think of a place where you will be keeping your avian. It certainly cannot be somewhere next to the window, because birds are extremely sensitive to droughts. There is one thing you should consider when choosing a cage: the bigger, the better. Therefore, make sure it’s a large cage which fits in your room. You can decorate it with tree trunks or branches, and also with live plants. Just keep it in mind that birds will sharpen their beaks on these branches, and it all will be quite messy.

If you have a backyard or terrace, it would be best to build an aviary where you can keep your bird or birds when the weather is warm enough for them. This solution will add charm to outdoors space and fill it with positive energy of a living creature. Aviaries are even better for several birds or a family to live there. You can start imagining how the area is getting filled with sweet voices or, on the contrary, with jolly bird quarreling.

Giving the bird some space

One of the main needs of a bird is having enough space.This means that you not only provide it with a spacious cage, but also let out at least once a day. Parrots and other avian need their daily exercise, and they must get it through flying. Leaving the bird unattended may result in rugged wallpaper or ruined furniture, so you must always keep your eyes on your feathery pet. Everything becomes much easier when you have a backyard and an aviary built there – your birds have enough space all day long. With an aviary, they are secured from flying away, as well as your things are protected from being spoiled from your beaked friends.

Precautionary measures

The main thing every owner of a bird needs to remember is that birds fly. Although it seems obvious, not everybody pays attention to the fact that open windows and doors often might mean trouble for the bird. There are colonies of parrots living in big cities like London and Brussels which formed of birds which flew away through their owners’ windows, then adjusted to the environment successfully and started living along with pigeons and sparrows. Not all birds are lucky; some lack this ability to accommodate. This is why you should take good care of all the windows and other exits at your home. Installing window screens and mosquito nets will help to assure your bird’s safety.

In general, a bird is an amazing companion which is fun to spend time with and quite interesting to train. However, it needs a lot of attention. Apart from having a large cage, it should be able to fly around the place at least once a day to stay fit. However, you should always watch the bird, so that it is safe and stays away from spoiling your things.

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