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What to do with your pet when you go away

What to do with your pet when you go away

You have the chance to take some well-earned time away with your family or friends and you are really looking forward to it. The only thing that is bothering you is you are not sure what to do with your beloved pet(s) during that time.

There are 3 main options for you:

Take them with you

This can be lots of fun especially if you have a dog and are going camping. However this may not always be practical. You might be travelling overseas or staying somewhere that is not pet-friendly. You may also not have the time to care for them properly yourself. Animals such as cats or guinea pigs are not necessarily fun to take away either.


Ask a friend to look after them

This can work quite well but it is also an imposition on your friend’s time and you will have to trust that they will come over regularly to feed and exercise your pet properly. If they are coming to your house you also need to be sure you feel comfortable with them being there and that your pet will not be distressed by being alone for extended periods.

If your friend is taking your pet to their home you will need to consider if they have other pets, young children, a secure yard and space for your pet to play and also that your pet will be happy there.

Book your pet into a boarding kennel.

These are often the best option, especially if you have an unusual pet or if they require constant care. Look for a kennel that has a sound reputation and industry certification. If possible, visit them beforehand and look around their facilities. Are they clean and secure with spacious areas indoors and out?

Here are some useful questions to ask the kennel operators.

- What is the price per night? Check what it includes/excludes.
- Is there a vet service available? What immunizations will your pet need beforehand?
- What is the booking lead time?
- Do they cater for your pet’s breed, size or any other unique features?
- If they supply food, is it a type your pet will eat? Can you supply your own food?
- How often will your pet be exercised? Is there adequate space for them to move around safely and comfortably?
- What sort of interaction will they have with staff and other pets? Are they housed separately or in groups?
- Where will your pet sleep? Do you need to BYO bedding?
- How often will your pet be groomed? Is this included in the cost?
If you have a much pampered pooch or moggie you could give them a holiday of their own in a luxurious pet hotel. There they could swim in the pool or spa, laze on a lounge watching TV, have their own full size bed and even indulge in a ‘pawdicure’.

Whatever you decide the main consideration will be your pet’s happiness so that both they and you will be stress free while you enjoy your separate holidays.

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