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What to Consider when Purchasing a Pixie or Teacup Piglet

What to Consider when Purchasing a Pixie or Teacup Piglet

Owning a teacup or pixie piglet is one of life’s great delights.  They are highly intelligent creatures and learn commands very quickly. You can therefore train them as if they were a dog and teach them acceptable social behaviors from a very young age. It is also important to build trust when training so unnecessary punishment when young is to be avoided. When training your pet, remain consistent as an adult pig will not take kindly to having its routine altered unduly. Because piglets are very sociable creatures it would be far kinder to purchase two. You may purchase two of the same gender or a pair. Keep in mind though that you will need to have your male pig neutered within two weeks of age as they tend to breed very easily.

Your Pet Pig’s Living Requirements

Depending on your local climate you may decide that your Pixie can live indoors or outdoors. A sheltered abode outside with plenty of straw to keep him warm will do the trick. This straw bed needs to be changed regularly to remain hygienic. Once your pig has become an adult, you can change its straw bedding to wood shavings (not sawdust). It is also imperative that you keep a sturdy water container filled throughout the day. Because your precious pet can be a bit clumsy it is important for this container to be very stable to prevent it being knocked over and your pet becoming dehydrated. Protect him from the sun with a suitable sunscreen if he spends a lot of time outdoors.

If you elect to have your piggy indoors then provide him with an enclosure like a dog’s kennel and a comfort blanket. Again, make sure that he has constant access to water. Whether indoors or outdoors provide a play area so that he can be entertained while you are away. Pigs also enjoy favorite music or television shows so allow him access to that while you are out. Build a small and safe mud bath outside so that he can stay hydrated and if you have a swimming pool, teach him where the steps are so that he knows how to get out if he accidentally falls in as pigs can drown.

How to Feed your Teacup Pet

Never feed your piglet chocolate or avocado and do not feed it too much salt as these foodstuffs are toxic for your pet. You may purchase commercial food but balance this with home cooked meals so that your pet receives all its nutritional requirements. Also do not over feed your pig on treats or excessively large meals. It is sufficient to feed him twice a day and add several small treats between meal times. Pigs are omnivorous so you can feed them from your table if you eat nutritious meals. They also enjoy fruits and vegetables so a balanced healthy diet will ensure he stays healthy. 

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