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What does a dog need for a bath?

What does a dog need for a bath?

While it may be tempting to take your dog to a professional groomer when they need a bath, it might not be affordable (especially in this economy.) So if Fido ends up getting dirty and smelly, you'll be the one who will need to give him a bath.

When you're the one who is going to bathe a dog, what are you going to need? Here's a list:

Dog shampoo. Since a dog's skin has a different pH level than human skin, a dog needs a shampoo made for him. Look for a dog shampoo with a good pH balance. You can find dog shampoo at a pet store, from your vet, or search online.
Dog conditioner. Conditioning after shampooing a dog's hair will close the hair shaft and restore moisture to the hair.  Conditioning also fills in damaged hair that drying, petting, brushing, and other normal wear and tear can cause on a dog's hair. (Think of how a human's hair looks after using a hair conditioner.)
Lots of old towels. Not only will the dog get wet, so will you.  Use a large towel—or two or three--for drying your dog, and have a few other towels available to dry yourself off with and mop up any water.
A sponge or an old washcloth to wash the dog with.
A dog comb or dog brush to brush the dog's hair.
Cotton balls for cleaning the dog's ears.
Dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste, if you wish to brush your dog's teeth at the same time you bathe him.
Doggy treats. You can use these as a reward for getting into the tub, to reward him while he is in the rub, and as a reward after the bath. 
A small cup or bucket for pouring water on the dog.
A non-skid mat for the bottom of the tub.
If you choose to bathe your dog outside, which sometimes may be easier if you have a large dog, get a special dog tub or a children's swimming pool. Place the tub on top of a large towel to keep it from skidding.
A detachable shower head may be worth the investment. Instead of pouring water over the dog with a cup, it may be easier to take the shower head and carefully wet and rinse the dog.
Old clothes. You, and your clothes, are about to get wet and furry, so whatever you wear should be something you won't mind getting water and fur on.
Patience and gentleness. Even “water-loving” dogs are known to dislike bath time. So use a calm voice, plenty of praise, and some bribery if necessary to get the dog into the bath.

When it's time for the bath, gather up the items on the list and move them into the bathroom or the area where you'll bathe the dog. Then let the bath begin!

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